What I Love About Traveling

What I Love About TravelingI absolutely love to travel. Some do not, and I don’t even know how that is possible. There are so many great reasons to travel and there are so many reasons for why I love it.

Traveling has helped improve my life tremendously and rarely a week goes by where I don’t dream about traveling.

I love everything aspect traveling. I love planning the trip, doing the research, traveling to the destination, being at the destination, and more.

Below are the many reasons for why I love traveling so much. There are many more things that I love about traveling but I can’t include everything all in this one post.

I love seeing new things.

There are so many amazing things to see in the world. I love hiking, seeing new landscapes, rock climbing, mountaineering, off-roading, relaxing on the beach or next to a pool, and more.

Right now, we are mainly focusing on the United States. Many people do not give the U.S. enough of a try.

There are MANY things to see here with all of the different landscapes. We have an annual parks pass which allows us to see the United States for relatively cheaply, which is nice.

I love trying new things.

We currently live in an area where you can do almost everything. You can go off-roading, rock climbing, rafting, skiing, etc., all within an hours drive. However, I love trying these things in new areas where there is a different landscape, a different culture, and so on.

I love trying new food.

There are so many delicious meals out there to try. I am a big foodie, so this, of course, explains why I love trying. I am fairly open when it comes to food and I am not a picky eater whatsoever.

I love the excitement that traveling brings.

I’m location independent so I still have to work while I am traveling, but traveling still brings out the same excitement that a “normal” vacation would bring.

I love traveling.

I actually really enjoy the transportation aspect of traveling. I know that many people dread this part of traveling, but I actually find it quite exciting.

I love road trips and all the awesome things you can see on the road. I also love airports and airplanes and the wonderful views you can see while flying.

Do you enjoy traveling? Why or why not?


Ways To Make Money While Traveling

Ways To Make Money While TravelingHaving the ability to make money while traveling is something that many people dream of, yet not many people try.

Making money while traveling is great because you can stay wherever you are for longer, you may be able to travel indefinitely, you will have more money to spend, and more.

If you want to travel more than just the one to two weeks a year that you earn through your day job, then looking for ways to make money while traveling may be exactly what you need so that you can reach your traveling dreams. Making money while traveling does take hard work, but it is well worth it to the many, many people who try it each year and to those who do it year after year.

I, myself, am location independent and I honestly would not have it any other way. I enjoy being able to travel whenever and to wherever I want, while still being able to earn an income.

Below are different ways to make money while traveling.

Become a freelancer.

There are many things you can do as a freelancer so that you can make money while traveling.

You can write online, create graphics, manage websites, become a consultant, edit articles, become a virtual assistant, and more. Freelancing can be great because in many instances you are probably very able to bring your work to your next destination.

Being a digital nomad makes traveling much easier as you can continually build your business while you travel.

Work on a cruise ship, for an airlines, etc.

Working in the travel transportation industry can help you see a lot of the world and make money while traveling. In many cases you will get a stipend as well, so it can make traveling very affordable.

However, the major downside of this is that you are limited with what you do each day, you will usually have strict hours, and so on.

Find a local job.

If you are looking to explore your destination for a longer time period, then you may want to look into finding a local job so that you can make money while traveling. This way you can earn an income, really get to know the culture, and more.

There are many local jobs that you may be able to find. These can include:

  • Au Pair
  • Bartend, wait on tables, retail, work at a hostel or hotel, etc.
  • Farm hand
  • Teach English
  • Guide tours


There are many bloggers out there who are managing to make a full-time living.

If you are able to build a blog that people want to read, you may be able to earn at least a little bit of the income you need to travel. This can, in many cases, be a lot of fun as well.

However, blogging for income is not a way to get rich quick. A lot of hard work is required and making money by blogging does not come instantly. It may take months or years before you make any money.

How else do you think a person could make money while traveling?


5 Couchsurfing Tips

5 Couchsurfing TipsCouchsurfing is becoming more and more popular.

Couchsurfing is still relatively new though, so I thought this would be a great article to help anyone new to the couchsurfing world.

In case you don’t know what couchsurfing is, it’s where you sleep in someone’s home for free. If you use a website such as Couchsurfing, then it is free and it’s easy to connect with other couchsurfers.

Below are my 5 couchsurfing tips.

1. Be clean and respectful.

My first couchsurfing tip is to always be clean and respectful. Your host is letting you stay in their home for free, so you should always respect their belongings, leave everything as-is, and be as clean as you can.

2. Don’t expect your host to be your personal tour guide.

In some cases, your couchsurfing host may love to show you around and they may even want to hang out with you the whole time you are in town. In other cases, they just want to provide you with a place to stay and that is it.

If you are looking for a new friend, then you should make it clear in the messages you send to each other before you arrive to your vacation destination.

3. Find the best host for you.

There are many, MANY couchsurfing hosts out there. One of the best couchsurfing tips I can give you is to make sure you take your time and find the best host for you. You should check their reviews, see what they are like, and so on.

It most likely wouldn’t be a good situation if your couchsurfing host had a personality that you despised…

4. Be honest.

You should always be honest with your host. This can include:

  • If you are sick, you should let them know immediately. Hosts most likely will not want a contagious sick person near them.
  • If you can no longer do the trip, tell your host immediately. If they are expecting you, then they are probably preparing for your arrival. You shouldn’t waste any more of their time if you know the truth.

5. Do something nice for your host.

For the last of my five couchsurfing tips, you should do something nice for your host.

Couchsurfing is free, but that doesn’t mean that you should be a cheapskate. While hosts don’t assume that they will get anything in return from their guests, it is nice to bring a gift, pay for a meal, or something else nice.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money, just something nice that shows your couchsurfing host that you appreciate that they let you sleep in their home.

Are you interested in couchsurfing? What couchsurfing tips do you have?