5 Best YouTube Beauty Vloggers

People ask me all the time how I learned how to do my makeup and hair, and it’s actually all from my favorite Youtube beauty Vloggers.

bridal-792131_6401. KandeeJohnson.

Kandee has a talent for creating looks that seem impossible to make. She has skills with creating your favorite celebrities, Disney princesses, and more.

Her personality is very sweet and genuine, which makes you love her channel even more. She gets into deep detail about what she is doing and makes it a bit easier to create the looks that she shows on her channel. She is very inspirational as well, and seems to always be uplifting others on not only her YouTube page, but her Facebook fan page as well.

She’s at the top of my list of people I want to meet from YouTube, so hopefully it happens one day!

2. Wayne Goss.

I was a little surprised at first when I first saw a male YouTuber producing beauty vlogs, but he ended up being one of my all time favorite and one of the best beauty YouTubers.

He does makeup on others and himself, and even has in depth videos on how to get the best makeup done for the type of face frame you have. He comes out with weekly videos and never ceases to bore me. All of his videos are different and I also believe to be quite beneficial for any beauty guru no matter what stage they are in.

3. Emma Pickles.

I’m new to following Emma, but her channel is quite different. She produces videos that are great for costumes, and as Halloween is soon approaching, it would definitely be a good time to subscribe.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love getting to dress up as a complete different person.

4. Lo Bosworth.

Were you once a huge fan of Laguana Beach? You’re in luck then! Lo made a YouTube channel about a year ago and has been producing beauty videos ever since. She was one of my favorite people on the show and sometimes a part of me wishes the show would come back.

Luckily, I get to follow her on her YouTube channel and live out my younger side! She produces various different types of video, including apartment tours, workout videos, cooking, and more.

5. BubzBeauty.

I love Bubz especially because of one of the newer videos she made on body image.

She just had a baby about a year ago and released a video of what she currently looks like, and talks deeply about how to love ourselves and our bodies. She has tons of beauty videos, and her awesome personality adds on to the perfect channel.

Do you use any of the above YouTube beauty bloggers to help you perfect your makeup skills? What other YouTubers would you recommend for makeup and hairstyles?

Ways To Make Money While Traveling

balance-865819_640Traveling long-term is a goal for many. If it is a goal of yours, do not worry, there are many ways to make this a possibility. Too many people think that it’s not possible or realistic for them to travel long-term, but it definitely is!

Below are some of the many things you could do so that you can make money while traveling and, therefore, extend your traveling time.

Get a job in the town you are visiting.

If you plan on staying in areas for a little bit longer than just a vacation, you may want to look into finding a job in that town. You could work at a bar, a hotel, motel, hostel, campground, restaurant, store, and so on. The list of possible jobs for you is endless! Just look around and see who is hiring for temporary work.

Playing online casino games.

Online casino games can help you earn money while traveling in many ways, plus it can all be done from your computer!

One way is to play online casino games such as on MansionCasino Australia. You can bet with your own money and hopefully win some as well.

Start a blog.

This very blog that you are reading this post on earns a little bit of income. It helps to support my traveling and it is a ton of fun as well. Before you start, you should read about how to write a successful blog.

Work remotely.

More and more jobs out there are allowing their workers to work from their laptop anywhere in the world. If this is a job that you have, I would definitely look into whether this is a possibility or not. It does not hurt to ask, so why not?

Teach English.

Teaching English is something that more and more people are doing these days. It can be a great way to get to know the place you are visiting, plus it can be a great experience while earning a good income. You can teach English through Open English.

5 Best Websites To Kill Time

laptop-849800_640Many of us some spend aimlessly searching the web in search of finding entertainment. There are tons of websites and YouTube channels solely made to entertain a person and pass time.

Some websites can be totally pointless and not help you gain anything, other than laughs and enjoyment. I believe in taking breaks when I’ve been working nonstop for a long time, because it allows me to recuperate and get a short mental break.

1. StripGenerator.

This is most likely for a person who enjoys comics and creating their own comic strips. This website will allow you to look at other comic strips that have been made, in hopes of inspiring you to make your own. You can see the top posters and see which comic strips are the most liked. Are you ready to create your own comic strip?

2. People of Walmart.

This site isn’t for the faint of the heart, as is posts pictures of people from Walmart all around the world. If you get offended easily, definitely don’t take a look at this website. It can be quite humorous for some, as you get to see photos of people dressed in funky outfits or acting funny.

3. TED.

This website is more for educational purposes and allows you to see the different viewpoints of people. You can watch episodes related to nutrition, science, the world, and more. This site is definitely more on the productive side. You get to learn, while being entertained as most hosts are a bit on the funny side.

4. TheNicestPlaceOnTheInternet.

I am new to this site, but find it quite intriguing. It’s exactly what you would picture it to be-full of positivity and happiness. I just clicked on the website and the first thing you see is a man hugging the computer screen with a huge smile on his face. All you have to do is press the right button, and tons of other people will come up simply hugging their computer screen and smiling at you. I swear this isn’t as creepy as it sounds, it’s kind of fascinating actually! This is definitely a website to check out if you are in need of cheering up.

5. AwkwardFamilyPhotos.

This site has been around for quite some time, and even has its own board game. I’ve seen it before, and didn’t quite get it actually. The board game was full of awkward family photos that were not only uncomfortable to stare at, but also a bit creepy as well. No wonder why I saw this board game at the thrift store.

Have you used any of the above websites to kill time? What other websites would you recommend browsing on?