Tips For Downsizing Before You Travel The World

Tips For Downsizing Before You Travel The WorldWhen taking an extended trip, one thing that needs to be thought about is what you will do with all of your belongings. You might have a lot of extra clothing, furniture, keepsakes, electronics, and more.

You most likely cannot bring everything with you on your trip unless you are already an extreme minimalist, which most people are not.

So, what do you do with all of your stuff?

If your trip is over 6 months, then you might want to think about completely downsizing and just storing your stuff somewhere. This can be hard, but it can save you a lot of money and stress since you can just store your things and know that they will be safe. Leaving your house on an extended trip with no one there usually isn’t the best idea, unless you have a good house sitter.

Also, for some of you, you might be interested in completely packing your life into just your backpack or a suitcase. That means you cannot bring your whole house with you!

Here are my tips for downsizing before you travel the world.

Decide what you are going to do first.

Before you do anything, you need to think about how much space you have to store things. Are you going to keep your home and have a house sitter? Are you going to rent a storage unit? Or are you going to get rid of as much as you can and only keep what you can carry on your back? This will greatly help your downsizing efforts because you will know how hard you need to work towards downsizing.

One of the major things that may influence what you decide is the topic of money. Keeping your home and having a house sitter for an extended time will most likely be the most expensive option because you will need to pay for the home (whether that be rent or a mortgage payment, along with utility bills and so on), and you will need to pay for a house sitter as well.

Renting a storage unit will be more affordable, but you will still have to pay for your things to be stored.

Just keeping what you can carry will definitely be your cheapest option, but some people have things that they want to keep so that may not be possible.

Make a list of exactly what you need.

After you decide how much room you have for your stuff, you will need to think about what the exact items are that you want or need to keep. You might make a list of how many pairs of socks, pants, outfits, etc.

Get rid of the rest.

After you make a list of everything that you need and/or want, then just get rid of the rest. If you couldn’t remember the item enough to put it on your list of needs, then you probably do not need the item at all.

Yes, downsizing is really this easy.

What downsizing tips do you have to share?


How To Keep Your House Safe When On Vacation

How To Keep Your House Safe When On VacationI love to travel, but the one thing I dislike about it is the fact that I really dislike leaving my home for a long period of time.

You just never know what may happen – someone may break in, a stranger might throw a party in it (yes, this recently happened in my town and the victims had $60,000 worth of damage!), a fire may happen, and so on.

I know, I am probably a little crazy when it comes to this, and I know there are many who do not even think twice about their home when they are on vacation.

However, I don’t think it hurts to put some house planning so that your home and your valuables stay safe.

Here are my tips to keep your house safe when you are on a vacation.

Hire a house sitter.

You can hire someone to stay at your house the whole time, or you can have someone just drive by every so often to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary while you are gone.

You can also have this person water any plants, take care of animals as well (of course, if they are comfortable doing so).

Leave a car in the driveway.

We always leave a car in the driveway. This is important because thieves often do neighborhood scans to see who is home and who is not. If there is no car in the driveway, then they may target your home since they think no one is home.


Before we are about to go on a vacation, I usually unplug things around our house so that nothing catches on fire. I know, I am a major worrier, but it also saves on electricity costs. If no one is going to be there, then why not unplug? It most likely will only take you a few minutes anyways to unplug everything.

Don’t blast it on social media that you will be gone.

This is a tip that so many people forget. You should never tell the whole entire world that you are gone. Whenever we go on a trip, I almost always wait to post any pictures or anything until after we are home or when we are almost home. If you tell people you are on a vacation, they will know that you are not home and make jump at the opportunity, especially if they know that you have valuables inside your home.

Place a mail hold.

We always place a mail hold before we go on vacation. You can do it directly on USPS’s website, and literally just takes a minute to do. This way your mail does not build up in your mailbox.

Also, if you receive the newspaper, then you should place a hold on that as well, or ask your neighbor to pick it up. If you have 10 newspapers in your driveway then it would be fairly obvious that no one is home.

Make sure all of the doors and windows are locked.

Okay, this is key. If you do all of the above but then do not lock your doors, then nothing in this post really matters. You should double check that everything is locked.

Do you do any of the above when you go on a vacation? Why or why not?


5 Ways To Pass The Time On A Long Airplane Ride

5 Ways To Pass The Time On A Long Airplane RideSome flights are extremely long.

Sometimes you might be stuck on a plane for 10 hours or more! The longest flight I’ve ever done was to Kauai and that was just too long for me.

Luckily for me though, I am able to just fall asleep right away, and sometimes I even pass out before the plane even departs from the airport. Yup, I am that lucky!

However, everyone I usually travel with are usually not that lucky. It can make for a boring flight if the person you are flying with (me!) falls asleep immediately.

Here are 5 ways to pass the time on a long airplane ride.

1. Sleep.

If you can sleep on a flight like I can, then definitely do it! It’s not like you are going to miss your next flight unless you are an extremely heavy sleepier. I usually am able to wake up before the flight lands with no problem.

2. Get some work done.

If I cannot sleep, I always prefer to try to get some work done instead. It’s a great time to work because usually there is no wifi to prevent you from working as wifi might mean that you would waste time on social media websites. There is also no food, no people (unless you are sitting next to a talker), or anything else that might bother you.

3. Bring a movie, read a book, and/or play a game.

If I can’t sleep or I don’t feel like working, then I will try to watch a movie. Usually the airplane offers a movie that I am interested in watching, so that is never a problem with me since I am not picky.

However, you can always bring your own movie on your laptop or iPad and it’s as easy as that. Don’t forget headphones as well though!

4. Get up every now and then.

If you are on a long flight, then you will want to get up every now and then. Not to scare anyone, but my grandmother was on a long flight from Australia to the United States when coming back from a vacation and she didn’t get up at all and actually encountered a blood flow problem and spend a week or two in the hospital because of it.

So, yes, get up and walk around even if it’s just to the bathroom every few hours at the least.

5. Make a friend.

If there is someone sitting next to you who you can tell is just itching to talk to you, then make a new friend! This can really pass the time and I’m sure whoever you are talking to has a fun traveling story.

How do you pass the time when you are on a long airplane ride?

What’s the longest flight you have ever been on?