4 Best YouTube Channels For Learning

journal-791286_640Electronics are soon becoming the new way children learn. Learning on electronics doesn’t have to be only for children though.

YouTube has tons of channels to choose from to get the brain going and learn new facts about the world.

If you are trying to spend less time browsing on your electronics doing mindless things, instead subscribe to a YouTube channel and make use of some of that online time.

1. ASAPscience.

I recently subscribed to this channel and have been addicted ever since. I love this channel because they make learning so much fun with cartoons and vivid colors. I believe I learn best when I am not only hearing someone talk, but also seeing visuals to help me memorize what I am learning.

This channel talks about anything related to science, from what would happen if an asteroid hit, to what the body goes through on an average day. This channel is also awesome because you can ask ASAPscience your questions, and there’s a possibility they will answer your question in an upcoming video.

2. Vsauce.

Vsauce is an awesome YouTube channel because they answer the kinds of questions most of want answered, but never bother to ask. This channel also covers different topics such as science news along with trivia as well.

3. Khan Academy.

I just recently found out this was a YouTube channel. For quite some time I’ve been using their webpage and app for my learning, but the YouTube usage will come even more in handy. Khan Academy is basically like learning from a professor at home. You can learn different topics such as math, science, computer science, and much more. Khan Academy is not made by just one person, rather than a large number of people who contribute their videos to the channel/webpage.

4. Yale Courses.

If I’m correct, this is a recently new channel that has pleased many people who are not currently or will never attend Yale. It allows people to get in inside look at Yale courses and also learn just the way Yale students would. Even better, you get to do this all in the comfort of your own home. I haven’t been on this channel too much because I’ve been totally obsessed with ASAPscience and everything on their channel.

Learning online is becoming the new way people educate themselves. Going to college online is a great way for people to make ends meet, while obtaining an education. When I start my masters, I will most likely be going to school online so I can still work full time and take care of myself on my own.

Do you watch any of the above Youtube channels? What other channels can you recommend for learning?

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