4 Must Read Financial Books

books-441866_640 (1)Reading is one of my all time favorite hobbies. I love hitting up the bookstore and browsing around at all of the new books out and also seeing the top financial books out.

Reading about a certain topic can not only educate you deeply, but it can also save you a ton of money.

Here are my four favorite financial books that I urge all of my friends and family to read. Being in charge of your finances is very important!

#1: Debt-Free By 30 by Jason Anthony

I really like this book because it’s perfect for someone my age, just starting out in their twenties. This book educates on the very beginning rules of organizing and figuring out debt. Everything you need to know about debt is in this book and it will lead you on the right track of being debt free by 30, or even another age.

This book isn’t a downer, but will actually inspire and motivate you to get on the right track with your debt. The earlier you educate yourself about debt, the better it will be for your future. This book will also teach you the basic must knows for credit, different types of insurance, and more.

#2: 7 Money Rules For Life by Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt has been in the finance field for many years and has plenty of experience under her belt. She releases all of her must know facts about getting ready for your future.

She goes over topics such as investing, retiring, financing, and getting prepared for what’s to come in your future. Mary goes over many topics that we all hear so much about, but don’t know thoroughly.

#3: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

This book is a great read for anyone at any age, but also for people in their twenties and thirties.

Reading this book will keep you entertained and excited to read throughout, which is perfect for 20 something year olds that can’t keep attention well on financial books. If you want to master your financial life and make smart decisions the rest of your life, this is the book for you.

#4: Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals by Thomas Corley

The author of this book spent 5 years studying the lives of poor and rich people. He studied both groups and figured out how they were different when it comes to finances. This book is also great for young people because the younger your habits start, the better. He teaches you exercises to make you wealthier throughout your life, and will also help you create habits that will last a lifetime.

Buying a book that is about $10 can end up saving you a large amount in the long run. You can also pass around the book to your fellow friends and family, and even borrow finance books from others to save money.

Have you read any of the above books? What other books would you recommend reading?


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