5 Best YouTube Beauty Vloggers

People ask me all the time how I learned how to do my makeup and hair, and it’s actually all from my favorite Youtube beauty Vloggers.

bridal-792131_6401. KandeeJohnson.

Kandee has a talent for creating looks that seem impossible to make. She has skills with creating your favorite celebrities, Disney princesses, and more.

Her personality is very sweet and genuine, which makes you love her channel even more. She gets into deep detail about what she is doing and makes it a bit easier to create the looks that she shows on her channel. She is very inspirational as well, and seems to always be uplifting others on not only her YouTube page, but her Facebook fan page as well.

She’s at the top of my list of people I want to meet from YouTube, so hopefully it happens one day!

2. Wayne Goss.

I was a little surprised at first when I first saw a male YouTuber producing beauty vlogs, but he ended up being one of my all time favorite and one of the best beauty YouTubers.

He does makeup on others and himself, and even has in depth videos on how to get the best makeup done for the type of face frame you have. He comes out with weekly videos and never ceases to bore me. All of his videos are different and I also believe to be quite beneficial for any beauty guru no matter what stage they are in.

3. Emma Pickles.

I’m new to following Emma, but her channel is quite different. She produces videos that are great for costumes, and as Halloween is soon approaching, it would definitely be a good time to subscribe.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love getting to dress up as a complete different person.

4. Lo Bosworth.

Were you once a huge fan of Laguana Beach? You’re in luck then! Lo made a YouTube channel about a year ago and has been producing beauty videos ever since. She was one of my favorite people on the show and sometimes a part of me wishes the show would come back.

Luckily, I get to follow her on her YouTube channel and live out my younger side! She produces various different types of video, including apartment tours, workout videos, cooking, and more.

5. BubzBeauty.

I love Bubz especially because of one of the newer videos she made on body image.

She just had a baby about a year ago and released a video of what she currently looks like, and talks deeply about how to love ourselves and our bodies. She has tons of beauty videos, and her awesome personality adds on to the perfect channel.

Do you use any of the above YouTube beauty bloggers to help you perfect your makeup skills? What other YouTubers would you recommend for makeup and hairstyles?

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