5 Holiday Travel Tips Part 1

street-238458_640The holidays are right around the corner. Whatever you celebrate, I’m sure something fun is in store for you soon. For us, it is Christmas and New Year’s! I can’t wait, since I love the holidays.

I do think we are celebrating both holidays somewhere else other than our home. Yes, we will be celebrating a small thing at home just the two of us, but we will be traveling to see family for Christmas and friends for New Year’s.

That’s a lot of traveling, as we normally do not travel for the holidays at all. In order to make this month a month of stress free traveling, continue reading below for my five holiday travel tips:

1. Travel on the actual holiday.

If you are celebrating a big holiday such as Christmas or New Year’s, then traveling on the actual holiday can save you both money and time. Usually everyone travels the day after or the day before, and that means higher prices because of increased demand. It also means clogged up highways, more people at the airport trying to get through security and more.

It is often said that traveling on the actual holiday can almost seem like no one else is there. The highways usually aren’t as packed, and the airport might feel empty.

Do yourself a favor and save some time and money by traveling on the actual holiday!

2. Pack as little as you can.

People often have the tendency to overpack. I understand this as I am usually extremely guilty of this. However, you should try packing less. You probably don’t even wear everything you bring anyways. I probably wear less than half of the things I bring on a trip.

Bringing less can mean money saved as well. You won’t be weighing down your car as much, and that might save you a little bit in gas money if you are usually an extreme over packer. It can also save you money at the airport as you are less likely to have to pay higher checked baggage fees.

3. Bring your host a gift.

If someone is hosting you and your family for a holiday, a simple thank you gift can go a long way and show your appreciation for them. For this, you do not have to go all out. You can bring a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, a dessert you have made, or something else that you think would interest the host.

What holiday travel tips do you have to share?

What are you doing for the holidays?


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