5 Holiday Travel Tips Part 2

road-498288_640Hello! Here is Part Two to my article from the other day, 5 Holiday Travel Tips Part 1.

The holidays are right around the corner. Whatever you celebrate, I’m sure something fun is in store for you soon. For us, it is Christmas and New Year’s! I can’t wait, since I love the holidays. I do think we are celebrating both holidays somewhere else other than our home. Yes, we will be celebrating a small thing at home just the two of us, but we will be traveling to see family for Christmas and friends for New Year’s.

That’s a lot of traveling, as we normally do not travel for the holidays at all. In order to make this month a month of stress free traveling, continue reading below for my five holiday travel tips:

4. Make a lit of everything you need for your trip.

This will either make me sound crazy or like a very organized person. I like to make a list of everything I use throughout the week before I leave for a trip so that I know I absolutely will not forget anything.

This is easy though. All I do is have an ongoing list on my phone of everything I use that I need to bring (such as my any work-related items, hair brush, toothpaste, etc.). Then, as I am packing, I go back through this list and delete the items as I am packing them.

If I do not do this, I will literally just forget an item. If it’s not on the list, I WILL forget it. It also makes life easier because when I am done packing, I know for a fact that I have not forgotten anything at all because if I have not used an item in over one week, then I probably do not need it for the trip that badly.

5. Bring snacks.

With whatever way you are traveling, you should always think about bringing snacks. This is so that you can eat something easily and quickly, and not have to pay for an expensive and unhealthy snack at a gas station or at the airport. It’s not like anything at their of those places are usually any good.

And yes, you can bring certain food items to the airport and onto the airplane with you. Many people think this is not possible, but that is not true. I almost always bring snacks and I have never been stopped. Always do your research first though and quickly just do a Google search to see what you can and cannot bring through an airport’s security checkpoint.

What holiday travel tips do you have to share?

What are you doing for the holidays?


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