5 Ways To Pass The Time On A Long Airplane Ride

5 Ways To Pass The Time On A Long Airplane RideSome flights are extremely long.

Sometimes you might be stuck on a plane for 10 hours or more! The longest flight I’ve ever done was to Kauai and that was just too long for me.

Luckily for me though, I am able to just fall asleep right away, and sometimes I even pass out before the plane even departs from the airport. Yup, I am that lucky!

However, everyone I usually travel with are usually not that lucky. It can make for a boring flight if the person you are flying with (me!) falls asleep immediately.

Here are 5 ways to pass the time on a long airplane ride.

1. Sleep.

If you can sleep on a flight like I can, then definitely do it! It’s not like you are going to miss your next flight unless you are an extremely heavy sleepier. I usually¬†am able to wake up before the flight lands with no problem.

2. Get some work done.

If I cannot sleep, I always prefer to try to get some work done instead. It’s a great time to work because usually there is no wifi to prevent you from working as wifi might mean that you would waste time on social media websites. There is also no food, no people (unless you are sitting next to a talker), or anything else that might bother you.

3. Bring a movie, read a book, and/or play a game.

If I can’t sleep or I don’t feel like working, then I will try to watch a movie. Usually the airplane offers a movie that I am interested in watching, so that is never a problem with me since I am not picky.

However, you can always bring your own movie on your laptop or iPad and it’s as easy as that. Don’t forget headphones as well though!

4. Get up every now and then.

If you are on a long flight, then you will want to get up every now and then. Not to scare anyone, but my grandmother was on a long flight from Australia to the United States when coming back from a vacation and she didn’t get up at all and actually encountered a blood flow problem and spend a week or two in the hospital because of it.

So, yes, get up and walk around even if it’s just to the bathroom every few hours at the least.

5. Make a friend.

If there is someone sitting next to you who you can tell is just itching to talk to you, then make a new friend! This can really pass the time and I’m sure whoever you are talking to has a fun traveling story.

How do you pass the time when you are on a long airplane ride?

What’s the longest flight you have ever been on?


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