5 Ways To Save On Holiday Travel in 2014

8488342188_9570c4683f_zThe holidays are closely coming upon us, and if you have not booked anything yet then you may be in trouble. Do not worry though, there are plenty of ways to still save money and travel affordably.

Don’t throw your travel plans out the window just yet because we may be able to find an affordable way for you to travel this holiday season still.

This way you do not have to spend all of your money on traveling and can instead spend more of your money on the actual fun part of your holiday trip.

Below are several different ways to save money on holiday travel in 2014:

Travel ON the holidays.

Usually traveling on the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be relatively affordable and not as packed. This is because most people will travel to their destination a few days before or after the actual holiday.

Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle.

If you are traveling by car to your destination, then you may want to use your most fuel-efficient vehicle. For us, we have one car that gets 15 miles to the gallon and another that gets 36 miles to the gallon, so it’s a fairly obvious choice when it comes to which one we will choose for a long car ride.

We are currently on a trip right now and we will be saving around $500 by taking our fuel-efficient car on our trip. That’s a crazy amount of money in savings!

Don’t forget about buses.

Buses are extremely affordable in the United States. There are many bus companies that frequently offer $1 or $2 fares if you catch them at the right time, so always have your eyes peeled.

Use membership gas cards.

Many gas stations, such as Shell, offer gas rewards cards. This way you can save somewhere around $0.03 to $0.25 per gallon each time you fill up. While it is not a ton of money, it is a decent amount that can add up over time.

All you usually have to do is swipe the membership card so it is not like it’s hard at all!

Pack food for your trip.

Instead of eating super unhealthy or being forced to buy expensive roadside snacks, you may instead want to look into packing your food for your trip. You can pack food for a road trip, bus ride, and even a plane ride (which many people do not know about).

Do you plan on traveling this winter? Where are you going?

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