Affordable Travel Broadens the Mind

It has never been easier to see the world. Commercial airlines link every part of the world on a daily basis. The white sands and crystal blue seas of color magazines have become a reality for those people who are in control of their finances and have a regular surplus which they can spend to make their lives more enjoyable. It is not a lifestyle that should be funded on credit, one that hides the reality of spending more than they earn. That is not sustainable beyond the very short term.

Travel is not something that people with significant responsibilities, ranging from mortgages to a growing family can contemplate other than in the annual holidays when it is a matter of choosing a place that will be popular with all the family. It is not going to be an adventure holiday canoeing down the Zambezi or camping in the wilds of Africa and Asia. Such adventures are for the young who for one reason or another have the time and the income.

Student Loans

Repaying a student loan is an obstacle for many young people. They simply need to be earning money as soon as they finish their education in order to repay their emergency loans with and pay for the things they will need to set out on the journey of life, rather than a journey of adventure. These things include rent, furniture, perhaps a car. The terms and conditions of student loans are fairly loose but there are significant numbers of people that start out in employment with more debt than their student loans. People can get credit cards when they become 18 years of age, and pre-recession companies were issuing those without really thinking of the consequences. The economy was booming and students were likely to be high earners in the future.

Credit Cards

The situation has changed but there is still significant credit card debt in society and the rate of interest added to monthly balances is extremely high. The student loan may not be pressure but credit card debt most certainly is. No one is going to enjoy long holidays while they are just starting a career if they are paying high interest on debt they have already accumulated. 

Does that mean that dreams of seeing the world before settling down are shattered? Not necessarily though you may have to make some serious economies, take out a second job or work overtime in order to do it because your credit card will be holding you back. A card is a good traveling companion in the event of emergencies but it is of little value if there is limited credit because of the debt you have already accumulated. While it is not the best financial advice to pay off the balance simply to build one up again, a well thought out plan may give you the opportunity to travel sooner rather than later.


Make no mistake; there will need to be some sacrifices along the way if you are to be able to afford much worldwide travel in the next few years. First of all you must get rid of your credit card debt. You can do that by looking to see whether you will qualify for a personal loan from any of the good online lenders that are making significant inroads into the financial sector. If you have a regular income and instalment repayments appear affordable for the whole term of the loan then you should be able to borrow money at a much more competitive interest rate than that card companies offer.

If you pay off the balance you will be able to breathe easier but you now have a different commitment; the new loan repayments. You have to meet them each month but you will be creating a slight surplus. What you must do is to keep earning money and that means you will not be able to fly off for weeks at a time. Likewise this ‘escape route’ is a one-off. You should avoid building up a balance on your card again though a clean card is handy against emergencies abroad. You may need to be patient but those faraway places do get closer if you get rid of stressful debt such as that on credit cards.

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