Before You Go: Business Owner’s Vacation Checklist

vw-camper-336606_640Going on vacation is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable experiences anybody can imagine but for business owners, it’s often complicated and stressful being away from the job. You can never guarantee there won’t be any sudden mishaps or problems while gone, but by preparing a bit before leaving, you can help to minimize a lot of small issues that would certainly give you BIG headaches while away.

Before You Go Checklist:

Stock up on any necessary bulk items your business uses a lot of!

(Even if you buy an excessive amount, it’s better to have too much than being bothered on vacation).

Do a very thorough walk-through of your business, inspecting all mechanical and technical equipment well in advance of your departure. Preparing for vacation is a good time to have any regular/necessary computer or machinery maintenance done.

Have a tech team come take care of any computer or IT issues so you know the systems are running properly. If your computers go down while you are away it will be complete chaos!

Restaurant owners pay special attention to any old or outdated appliances. It may be a good time to replace old kitchen equipment. Big box retailers and restaurant-supply mega warehouses can help save a lot of money on top-of-the-line brands!

Delegate certain tasks to specific people. It’s your business so you know who works best and where, but make sure everybody knows what is expected of them while you are gone and which extra duties they are responsible for.

Have your most trusted manager keep a company credit card for any unexpected expenses, and ask them to use their best judgment; if they can’t think of a clear and obvious solution, then they should contact you.

Set up automated e-mail response/Voice message

Every business owner gets a crazy amount of calls and emails every day. Being on vacation, you won’t want to be hassled with the emails, but still need your customers to know they aren’t being ignored. A simple auto reply with your return date and an emergency contact number is all it takes.

These are just a few ways to best prepare your business before leaving on vacation. However, you should always be ready for an emergency and have a way to be contacted. Depending on your destination, you may consider getting an international cell phone plan so you’re always reachable. Regardless, have a set plan to check in with your “second in charge” a few times while gone. Simple communication can solve a lot of mishaps and allow you to enjoy your time away that much more!

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