Beginner’s Guide To The Colorado Trail

Beginner's Guide To The Colorado TrailThe Colorado Trail is a trail that I have been thinking about hiking for a little bit now. I’m not an expert hiker, but I would like to tackle this eventually one day. It is a great bucket list item to have!

My husband will be doing a few segments on it in a few weeks. I am extremely jealous! Eventually, we would like to go back together and possibly tackle the whole thing.

The Colorado Trail is located in the state of Colorado (obvious, right?). It is said to be one of the most beautiful trails in the United States, with all types of things to see. There are mountains, snow, wildflower fields, lakes, rivers, creeks, and more. You will pass through many beautiful national forests, mountains and more.

When is the best time to hike the Colorado Trail?

The best months to hike the Colorado Trail are usually from late June to the early days of October. This is because this is when the weather is usually best. From mid-October to mid-June, the weather is often cold and everything is usually covered in snow. It is beautiful all throughout the year, but the Colorado colors really come through in the summer time.

Where does the trail begin?

The Colorado Trail begins in Waterton Canyon (near Denver) and ends in the town of Durango. Most people start in Waterton and work their way down south. This is so that hikers can get used to the increased elevation.

How long is the trail?

There are nearly 490 miles to hike in divided into 28 segments while on this trail, with most of the trail being above 10,000 feet above sea level.

Each of the 28 segments has a way to enter and exit. They are each between around 11 to 32 miles each. The trail being broken into segments means that you can do day hikes, or you can hike the whole thing.

How long does it take to hike?

Hiking the whole Colorado Trail usually takes around four to six weeks. There is a “non-official” time from a speed hiker of 10 days though.

Camping on the Colorado Trail.

For the most part, camping on the trail is free unless you go to a campground. It can be hard though because you will have to bring everything with you. Buying and packing light weight trail and camping items are ideal in this situation.


What’s your favorite trail? Have you done the Colorado Trail?


Image via Flickr by David Herrera

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