Best Destination Wedding Locations in California

You want to make sure you have the best day possible on your wedding. After all, you only have one chance of getting it right (in most cases anyways). If something goes wrong, you don’t get to pick up the pieces and try again.


One important decision is the location. A destination wedding is your chance to do something different and marry the love of your life in a pristine location filled with natural beauty.

California is one of the best states for this. We’re going to introduce you to five stunning locations for your California wedding.


1.      Catalina Island

Catalina Island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Anaheim. It’s everything you would expect from a tropical island, but the catch is this tropical island is located so close to home. You have golden sandy beaches surrounded by high hills and mountains close to bursting with lush greenery.  “As a wedding photographer Catalina Island is my favorite place to shoot.  The scenery is beautiful and Avalon is an intimate town,” explain Cameron Mackey.

If there’s ever a place to have a quiet wedding in the tranquility of one of the most magnificent beach locations in the country, this is where you want to be.


2.      San Diego

San Diego is one of California’s flagship cities. If you want a wedding close to the ocean with the modern comforts of a city in the background, San Diego is the ideal place to have your wedding. Choose a venue overlooking the ocean, or hold the reception among the gigantic palm trees bordering the miles of sandy beaches. 

More affordable than Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Diego is an up and coming destination wedding location.


3.      Temecula

Temecula is in the heart of California’s wine country. The famous vineyards of the state are located all around the city. There are lots of ideal wedding venues overlooking miles of fresh grapes growing on the vine. You can even add a unique touch to your wedding by sourcing your wine locally.


4.      Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a well-known holiday location. And it’s also a popular wedding location. Located in California’s blazing hot desert, you can cool off in natural hot springs and take advantage of world class wedding venues complete with spas for the girls and award-winning golf courses for the guys.


5.      Napa

Napa, in the Napa Valley, is renowned for its surrounding nature. Go to this beautiful city and you can reap the benefits of fresh wine in the surrounding area and the beavers working on the river. It’s a quaint little location that’s perfect for a wedding to remember.

There are a number of resorts you can choose from, or you can have your wedding in the city itself.

Where Will You Hold Your Wedding?


We’ve chosen these locations because they represent a diverse array of locations in California. Whether you love the beach, the wine country, or the natural beauty of the state, you’re guaranteed to find something for you.

They each come in at different price points, so be prepared to do your research before settling on any one location.

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