Budget Travel Tips For The Maldives

Budget Travel Tips For MaldivesThe Maldives is a dream vacation for many. Many completely take the Maldives off their list of places they want to travel to because they don’t think they would be able to afford it.

However, that is just not true!

The Asian paradise of Maldives can be an affordable vacation whether you are with your significant other, your family, your friends, or even by yourself.

Fly for cheap.

There are many different ways to save on your airfare costs. I recently published the article How To Get Free and Cheap Travel, and I definitely recommend that you read it.

To summarize that article, there are many different ways to save money on airfare and transportation costs. You should try to be a little flexible with the dates that you are traveling, look into earning rewards points through credit cards, travel during the off-season (more on that below), and more. Doing some of the things that are on this list can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

Travel during the off-season.

If you travel to the Maldives during the off-season, you can possibly save a lot more money than traveling to the Maldives during the peak season. Hotels usually lower their prices or make better deals during the off-season because they need to fill up rooms.

The weather is great in the Maldives year round for the most part, but the low season is usually from around May to September for the Maldives. We are thinking about taking our honeymoon in June to the Maldives, and if so, I hope we can save some money this way!

Compare pricing of your potential accommodations.

The Maldives can, of course, be a very expensive vacation. There are several resorts within the country that cost thousands of dollars a night. However, there are also cheaper hotels that cost $100 an under. You just have to look for them.

Whatever type of accommodation and price range you are looking for, it is probably available in the Maldives, you just have to look around. You should compare prices on different websites, check with the resort/hotel directly, and so on.

Stay local.

If you want to save the most money, then staying local may be the best way for you to save money. It is also the best way to actually SEE the country and experience the culture.

I recommend reading Be My Travel Muse’s article The Maldives Unlike You’ve Ever Seen it Before: Local Style.

Have you ever visited the Maldives?

What budget travel tips do you have for the Maldives?


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