Camper Trailer Or An RV and Working On The Road

vw-camper-336606_640Lately, we have been thinking more and more about getting either a camper trailer or an RV so that we can travel a little more easily. We are still undecided about whether we would actually live in it for months at a time (and still keep a home base for our belongings), or if it would just be a weekend type of thing.

There are just so many things to think about when it comes to traveling by camper trailer or an RV. My head has been spinning. This is a great situation to be in, but it is also an expensive one so I want to make the right decision!

Below are some of the different things we are thinking about when it comes to getting an RV:

How do I get internet?

I NEED the internet as I work online for a living. You would think internet wouldn’t be too hard to find, but it actually has been. I know that we could always just go somewhere that offers wifi such as Starbucks, but that’s not really something I want to have to resort to all the time. I would prefer to have internet right in the camper trailer, if at all possible.

The problem is that I cannot find any internet packages that allow me to have unlimited internet. Everything I have found now has a limit, which really stinks!

Also, the packages I have found are quite expensive, with the cost for internet being at least a few hundred each month. I’m thinking there has to be something a little cheaper than that? Hopefully?

What about the dogs?

We have two dogs. While our smaller dog will be fine with anything, our other dog is much bigger and I’m not sure how she will feel in an RV.

I work a lot so for the most part I will be cooped up in or around the RV. My husband will, of course, be taking them out a lot for hikes, but I’m not sure how she will like going from a rather large house to something that is just a couple of feet wide.

If it was just a weekend thing, then it most likely wouldn’t be a problem. However, if we are going to live in an RV then I’m not sure how she would handle it.

Should we keep a home base?

This is a big question we have been wondering. We have a lot of belongings and I don’t want to sell any of what we have left (we recently already did a big purge) as most of it is very important to me, such as the 100 photo albums that my dad left me after he passed away.

A storage unit for everything we have would most likely cost the same as a cheap apartment, so we are wondering whether we should just have a home base to come back to every now and then or not.

Do you travel with an RV, camper trailer, or something else similar? What tips do you have?


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