Common Excuses For Why You Can’t Travel

Common Excuses For Why You Can't TravelAll the time I hear others say that they want to go on a trip (whether it be a week, a few weeks or a few months) and how it is a dream of theirs. Then, they follow up that statement with a bunch of reasons about why they can never go on a trip. It makes no sense to me!

Here are common excuses I hear about why a person can’t travel.

I don’t have vacation time.

Okay, I sort of understand this one. I worked one job as a manager for over five years, and I never once earned any vacation time. I don’t know why, but the owner just never gave me any even though I was her best worker (I’m not just saying that, I honestly was).

However, I changed that though. Since I knew I wanted to travel, I found my next job which allowed for vacation time. It wasn’t a lot, but it was around 3 weeks a year, which is better than nothing. I then switched to something else and now I am location independent and I can travel whenever I want to.

What I’m saying is, if you really wanted to travel, you would make it happen. If you want to do round the world travel but don’t have much time, I know someone who traveled to 13 countries in 40 days, and she had a blast.

I don’t have the money.

This is a very common excuse. The thing is, traveling doesn’t have to only be for the rich. There are many options for you to be able to afford travel. You could visit cheaper places (such as Thailand), stay in cheap places (such as hostels), work as you go, or save up for a year (or a few years).

The great thing about travel is that each person can individualize it. Yes, you can spend $10,000 in one month by traveling, but I also know of people who stay on a budget of around $1,000.

Yes, you may have to save for quite some time, but if it is worth it to you, then you will find a way to make it work.

I’ll get kidnapped.

I hear this all the time. The chance of you getting kidnapped is probably very low. Just like if you were in your home country, be careful. If you wouldn’t go down a dark alley where you live, would you go down one in a foreign country?

I have no one to join me.

You can travel alone! It is really that simple. Who says that you need to travel with someone? I’ve met numerous people on my trips who were solo travelers, and they were loving it. It helps you get out of your shell and learn more about yourself.

What excuses are you using?



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    • Oh I agree! Sorry, if I sounded like I was being pushy in the article. In this article, I was talking about people who are interested in traveling but think that they cannot because of excuses.

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