Everything You Need To Know About An All Inclusive Vacation

Everything You Need To Know About An All Inclusive VacationWe’ve gone on a few all-inclusive vacations, and they’ve been a ton of fun. Before December of 2012 though, we never went on an all-inclusive.

They are much different from hotels and resorts where you pay as you go.

I’ve gone on 3 all-inclusive vacations now, and they were all to the same resort. I enjoyed myself so much that I just keep going back! There are just so many positives of an all-inclusive vacation, so how could anyone say no?

Positives of an all-inclusive vacation include:

They are usually more affordable.

Even though all-inclusive trips usually include a lot of different things (always check with your specific contract, but it might include the resort, airfare, food, activities, tips, etc.), and usually it is cheaper than if you would have gone somewhere else and paid for everything separately.

When everything is bundled together, you can usually shave a few dollars off of your vacation budget. Finding cheap All Inclusive holidays is usually very possible. So, if you are on a budget but you want to fly somewhere new, I would definitely look into an all-inclusive vacation as they are usually quite affordable.

They’re usually more relaxing.

With an all-inclusive vacation, everything is pretty much already planned out. This means that you can sit back and not worry about what you have to pay for next.

If all you want to do is enjoy a fun and beautiful resort, sit back by the pool, and play in an ocean, then an all-inclusive vacation is almost always a great idea. I love all-inclusive vacations because of this. You don’t have to worry about lugging your wallet anywhere on the resort, and you can just sit back and just bring yourself wherever you want to go.

Activities are included.

All-inclusives are great because there are usually some activities included. This way, you never really have to leave your resort. I know that vacations are sometimes meant to get out and enjoy where you are, but there is nothing wrong with just kicking back and relaxing. That is my favorite thing to do!

Some of the activities that may be included at your resort include: kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, movie nights, dancing, and more. Always check with your individual listing though and activities vary from hotel to hotel. Some hotels may offer more activities, so you never know!

Have you ever been on an all-inclusive vacation? What did you think?


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