Everything You Need To Know About Cruises

Everything You Need To Know About CruisesIf you want an amazing vacation on a budget, usually going on a cruise is your best bet. I often see 4 or 5 day cruises going for less than $400 per person.

Usually you can visit many different countries during your trip all for one price. Cruises also make for easier traveling because the cruise takes care of transporting you from country to country.

Here are common cruise questions:

Can I get on the internet?

I wouldn’t exact count on being able to get on the internet when on a cruise. It is usually expensive, and not as quick as you would probably like. I think it would be at least a little bit hard to work from a cruise if you needed internet.

Usually internet aboard a cruise ship is around 75 cents per minute.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

The type of clothing that you bring depends on where you are visiting. You will want to bring clothes for when you are inside the cruise ship. You will want at least one nice outfit for the formal dinner on the cruise ship, maybe some casual dinner clothes and then outfits for any excursions that you are going on.

What does the price cover?

This is a very common question. The price that you pay for your cruise covers your room (inside rooms are usually cheapest), the food, and certain beverages (usually alcohol is not included). You should ask your cruise line to make sure though if you do have any questions. Usually the pools are free as well.

Shore excursions are not free, and neither are the salons on the cruise ship.

Are tips included?

Some cruise ships allow for tipping, while others do not. Some cruise ships even allow for you to do all-inclusive tipping, where you just prepay a certain amount before you leave for your trip.

Other miscellaneous tips:

  • Make sure you bring your passport. If you are planning to leave your home country when you are on a cruise ship, then you may not even be able to board without your passport.
  • Always know whether there is a dress code or not.
  • Get foreign cash in advance if you can.

Have you ever been on a cruise?


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