Everything You Need To Know About An Alaskan Cruise

Everything You Need To Know About An Alaskan CruiseOver the past couple of years, we have become more and more interested in going on an Alaskan cruise.

We never really heard anyone talk about these cruises until recently, and it seems like they are becoming more popular every single day.

Here are a few things you should know before you decide on an Alaskan cruise:

Why should I go on a cruise to Alaska?

There are many things to see and do when you are on a cruise to see Alaska:

  • Animals. There are so many awesome animals that you can see when you are traveling on a cruise to Alaska. There are whales, bears, moose, seals, caribou, orcas, dolphins and more. And, you get to see all of them in their natural habitat! I have seen many cruise pictures where whales and orcas were right outside someone’s balcony on a cruise ship.
  • Glaciers. There are tons of absolutely breathtaking glaciers that you can see. It might sound boring, but it can be very beautiful!
  • Mountains, lakes, streams, and more. There are so many things to see, and Alaska is great for the outdoorsy person.


Isn’t it always freezing?

No, it’s not always freezing. When many people think of Alaska, they believe that the weather never goes above freezing. That is just not true.

The cruise season for Alaska lasts from May to September, as that is also the best weather for visiting as well. During those months, the temperature is usually somewhere between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. There are days and places where it will be much colder though, you should always do further research and pack many layers in your luggage as well.

The warmest months to visit Alaska are usually July and August.

Are the long days actually true?

Yes, it is true. From April to September there are long days that you can experience.

There are many times where you can go outside at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. and there is still a lot of daylight outside. Depending on the time of year, daylight can sometimes last up to 20 hours each DAY!

What type of clothing should I bring to this cruise? 

I think it would be hard to be a light packer to an Alaskan cruise because of the range in temperature. You may want lighter clothes for certain excursions that you go on, but it can also be very cold depending on when you are traveling there and what time of day it is.

You will want jackets, pants, nice clothes (for formal dinners, etc.), shoes, sweaters, and more.

Are you interested in an Alaskan cruise? Why or why not?



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