Expenses To Cut Out Of Your Travel Budget

Expenses To Cut Out Of Your Travel BudgetIf you have a tight travel budget, there are many things you can cut out to save as much money as you can. Not everything on the list below will suit everyone, but these are all things that you do not necessarily need in order to travel.

Also, just because you are cutting expenses out of your travel budget, it does not mean that you are ruining your vacation. There are plenty of ways to have fun and stay on budget! You don’t need to be rich in order to have fun while traveling.

Below are different expenses you may be able to cut out of your travel budget in order to visit your dream vacation destination:

Travel insurance.

Travel insurance can be great, but there are many credit cards out there that offer adequate enough travel insurance. You should look into whether or not your credit card offers the travel insurance you need.

I have never bought travel insurance, but I know of others who have bought it and found it well-needed. It is really up to you and what you are comfortable with.

Foreign transaction fees.

Just like with travel insurance, there are many credit cards out there that you can use in other countries without having to pay any foreign transaction fees. You may be able to find a great credit card that offers both of these options.

Extra luggage.

I always try to pack the least amount of luggage that I can. If that means that I’m cramming 20 outfits into one suitcase, I will do it. I honestly just hate having to drag multiple pieces of luggage everywhere, and I’d prefer to keep luggage on me so that nothing breaks (you never know if something will leak in the luggage area on an airplane) and so that nothing will get lost.

Skip the rental car.

In some vacation destinations, a rental car may not be that expensive. However, in other areas where off-roading is common, you can usually expect to see very high car rental costs. We once rented a car and it cost $600 for one week. I still cannot believe we paid that amount.

In some areas, you may be able to skip the cost of a rental car completely. I always like to choose a hotel in a great location so that I can avoid any sort of transportation, except for walking, altogether.

What expenses do you usually go without when you are traveling?


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