Should You Fly Or Drive For Your Next Vacation?

Should You Fly Or Drive For Your Next Vacation?Right now, I am currently planning a summer vacation for several people. One of the things we are trying to think about is whether or not we should fly or drive for this trip, and it’s actually turning out to be harder than what we originally thought.

Below are different things you will want to think about when planning whether or not you will fly or drive for your next vacation.

Will the car make it?

The very first thing you need to think about is whether or not you have a reliable car. No one wants to take a long road trip only to have their car break down multiple times along the way. That would be expensive and very stressful as well.

How long is the drive?

Another area to research is how long the drive will be. If you don’t have many days available for the vacation, then driving 26 hours to a city when you only have 3 days available most likely isn’t going to be very fun.

Will you have to stop at hotels along the way?

Another cost you will want to think about if you are debating driving or flying is whether or not you will have to make stops along the way until you get to your destination. Hotel costs can add up, and don’t forget you will need to pay these costs both on the way to your destination AND on the way back.

How much is gas?

Right now, gas is very cheap. It’s almost at the cheapest price it’s been for quite some time. However, other times gas may be twice as expensive or even more, and this might make driving very expensive, especially if your car is not very fuel efficient.

Will you have to rent a car?

If you don’t have a reliable car or if it won’t fit everyone in your traveling group, then you may need to look into renting a car. If you need to rent a car for your whole trip, then this can significantly increase the cost of your trip. However, it is very possible that it would still cost less than paying for airfare for everyone.

Is the airport near the destination?

One of the reasons for why we are leaning more towards driving to the destination is because the airport is over one hour away from the actual destination. That means if we were to fly, we would also have to rent a car for the duration of the trip, which can add up quickly. Taking a taxi is a possibility as well, but that can be expensive as we would need multiple taxis and the trip is quite long from the airport as well.

How much is the expected airfare cost?

In the end, you might still want to look at the expected airfare cost. Sometimes it is not as expensive as you think it will be, especially if you shop for airfare correctly. Also, if you have rewards points then you may be able to fly for cheap or even free.

What do you usually do? Fly or drive? Or perhaps you take a bus or train?

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