What To Do In Grand Junction

What To Do In Grand JunctionI’ve visited Grand Junction a total of three times in the past six months, and it is a town I have grown to seriously love. There are tons of things to do here, and the surrounding areas are just as amazing too.

If you live in Grand Junction, Colorado, you are one lucky person!

Grand Junction can be a great place to visit throughout the year. The slow season tends to be between November through February, but there are still things to do here and you can usually score a great price since it is less touristy during this time of year.

You can get to Grand Junction by flying right to the Grand Junction Regional Airport, or you can drive to the city.

Here is a list of things (in no particular order) you should do if you happen to visit Grand Junction, Colorado:

1. Mountain biking.

Grand Junction is famous for its mountain biking and people from all over the United States go to this small city in order to rid their bikes. There is the Kokopelli Trail that goes from Grand Junction to Moab, Utah, and is 142 miles. There are beginner trails and more rough trails available depending on what your skill level is in the Grand Junction and Fruita area.

2. Rock climbing.

Colorado National Monument has plenty of climbs for someone who loves to rock climb. They are all on the more technical side, so be sure to do your research and bring all the gear that you will need.

3. Walk along the river.

There are paths along the Colorado River where you can take a nice walk or bike ride and enjoy the view.

Another fun place to walk is Canyon View Park where there are amazing views.

4. Hiking.

There are plenty of places to hike in the Grand Junction area. You can hike at Colorado National Monument or at the Grand Mesa, where there are plenty of paths and hikes for a person to go on.

5. Wine tasting.

Grand Junction has several wineries, and they all have absolutely beautiful views. Most are open year round, so be sure to check them out.

6. Go skiing.

If you enjoy skiing, Powderhorn Resort is for you. This is a ski resort that often receives rave reviews from its visitors. Definitely a must if you enjoy winter sports.

Have you ever visited Grand Junction, Colorado and/or the surrounding area? What did you think of it?

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