Great Travel Apps to help you on Your Way

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.36.07 PMApps for your smartphone have come a long way in the last few years and we have come to rely on them for many of the things that go to make up our lives.  Being able to monitor your health, browse the internet, buy goods and services and pay for them on your mobile device has never been easier.  Many apps are utilized by big businesses and corporations. 

Being able to source information and entertainment at the touch of a finger has never been easier and most apps are either free or cost a small fee, so there is no great outlay.

Nowhere else can you guard humanity against zombie attack, catch Pokémon, play at sites like Jackpot City Casino or plan your next vacation all from the same place.

There was a time that playing or using your mobile devices for such things was an awful experience as WI-FI connections were poor and the quality of the apps were not so good either.  However, since technology has advanced so have the apps and if you take playing at a mobile casino as an example you can now enjoy the experience as much as if you were playing on your computer.  Online casinos are definitely one of the industries that have greatly benefited from this advancement and the gambling industry has embraced the mobile and made it its own.

Another interesting fact is when we look at travel planning we are increasingly booking our trips whether it is a hotel, flight, or car through our phones and this trend is set to carry on with phones and tablets now contributing around 21% of all online bookings.

The next generation of travel apps are aiming to make the whole experience more personal by leveraging real time big data and then monitoring how their users behave so that the apps can provide a more personal service to each user making them unique to that person. 

What is expected is that the next generation of travel apps will be more like a virtual travel agents, instead of acting as a basic tool search.

Until then some of the most popular travel apps are listed below:

TripAdvisor remains the world’s biggest travel site and it aims to offer other travellers besides comparing the prices of hotels providing the best value to their customers.  There are in excess of 350 reviews and 6.5 million accommodations, restaurants and local attractions.

Travelocity provides its customers with the ability to make hotel, flight and car rental reservations.  You can use the app to book a cruise and total vacation packages besides being able to search for information about any particular destination.

Wego is famous for its award winning app and is used by those who enjoy traveling the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.  Its state of the art technology is simple to use and automates the whole process of searching and then comparing your results from numerous hotel, online travel agency, and airline sites. Customers can shop for the very best deals and then find where to book the deal.

Clear Trip is a comprehensive online booking portal and it’s really easy to use.  Services include the ability to book online and make reservation services.  The app lets you check the status of your booking and offers guides and schedules for domestic and international flights, trains and hotels.  Clear Trip has a good reputation in the international business arena for good reason as the tie up with select airlines, hotel chains and corporate houses is second to none.

Ixigo has launched a book a cab through their apps without the need of an internet or GPS connection which is really useful besides launching and intercity cab booking in 10 cities. This app is in fact the fastest growing travel search engine within the Indian travel industry and was established back in 2007, and now connects over 80 million travellers.

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