How To Get Cheap Airfare Through An Airline Glitch

How To Get Cheap Airfare Through An Airline Glitch Airplane PictureRecently, a friend posted a great airfare deal onto their social media account. It was for a roundtrip ticket from New York City to Dubai for around $150 due to an airline glitch.

I just wanted to take a look and see if it was real, and hours later the airline glitch was still there on Priceline’s website, and it was for even CHEAPER than what this person originally posted.

This was an amazing price, there is no doubt about that. I’m not sure how much airfare to Dubai normally is, but I’m assuming it’s over $1,000, especially for a roundtrip airfare ticket.

I also recently saw another friend post a deal to Hong Kong from the U.S. in business class for around $350. That was for a roundtrip BUSINESS class ticket!

Below are some things to think about when it comes to airfare glitches so that you can score the best airfare prices and meet your air budget. Let’s learn how to get cheap airfare through an airline glitch today!

How do you find an airfare glitch so that you can have a more affordable air budget?

Okay, so this is the part that everyone is probably wondering when it comes to an airline glitch. If you want to learn how to get cheap airfare through an airline glitch, continue reading!

There are many social media accounts that will post these glitches when they come across them. My tip is to do your research and to follow them on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This way when they find a deal, you can find out about it ASAP and decide if that’s a trip you want to book or not.

I follow tons of people on Twitter and Instagram, and someone is usually posting some sort of airfare glitch every so often. One thing you can do to find an airfare glitch is to see if anything is trending on Twitter that is related to a glitch, such as any American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, and so on. If it’s trending, it might be because a glitch was found.

Some of the other sites you should stalk if you are interested in finding an airfare glitch include:

  • Read Airfare Watchdog.
  • Read The Flight Deal.
  • Follow your favorite travel bloggers because they often post any glitches they find. This is how I have found some of the cheapest tickets.
  • Join the FlyerTalk forum. Many glitches are posted into this forum and you can read about them here.

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Are prices always honored for an airline glitch?

There have been many airfare glitches in the past when it comes to pricing. Mistakes happen all the time and it can help you reach your air budget, but how do you know if it is valid?

However, the prices aren’t always honored. For example, in the summer of 2012, United Airlines had an airfare glitch where a ticket from New York City to Hong Kong was stated to be only $43. However, that was a glitch and it was not honored by United Airlines. Another glitch happened in 2013 when United Airlines had a $0 fare from Washington to Hawaii. Customers only had to pay for taxes and fees, which were only $10. This $10 flight was honored by United Airlines.

Numerous other cases of airfare glitches have popped up as well. So, how do you know if an airfare glitch will be accepted or not?

In this first case, the glitch was not honored because the full price showed up originally, and then only when customers went to their cart was the price dropped. So, customers should have realized that there was some sort of error. However, with the second case, the price literally said $0 as the full price, and it still said $0 when the flight was in the cart.

The difference in whether or not it will be accepted is if customers are manipulating the price themselves or not when it comes to an airline glitch. If you are just trying to fool the computer into a cheaper price because you found out about some sort of trick, then the discount will most likely not be honored.

However, airlines also have to think about the United States Transportation Department. According to this department, an airline company needs to accept airfare mistakes and let customers fly.

Before you book your accommodations, I would always make sure that your airline glitch ticket will be honored. You can call up the airline directly and ask, or just wait for the confirmation e-mail to make sure.

Have you ever found an airfare glitch? What kind of air budget deal have you found with an airline glitch?



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  2. I have not EVER thought about finding a glitch social media site, but I will be on the hunt. Do you know of any good ones? I heard about the Hawaii and Dubai glitch. Never really wanted to visit Dubai, but I would have made an exception. LOL! I love this information. I’d love to invite you to post on my Travel and More Fun Pinterest group board if you’re interested. Here’s the page:

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