How To Get Free and Cheap Travel

Traveling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be for you! There are so many things that you can do to save money. Keep reading below to find out more.

How To Get Free and Cheap TravelBe flexible with the dates that you are traveling.

Many people are only able to travel on certain days, but if you can, then having open travel dates is always best. You can save the most money if you are able to pick different months for travel.

Also, traveling during different parts of the week can save you money. Usually the cheapest days to travel are Tuesday and Saturday, and the most expensive days are usually Friday and Sunday.

Exchange services.

Do you have a service that a travel company may want? If so, then you can try reaching out to a company to see if they would want to exchange services for discounted or free travel arrangements.

Some examples include:

  • Photography. I recently heard about a friend who exchanged photography of a new hotel for free hotel room stays.
  • Website management. You can maybe manage a part of their website in return for a free stay.

Travel during the off-season.

If you travel during the off or low season, then you can usually save more money than during the peak season. You will also have more luck if you are trying to barter for services as well, as places will have more room to accommodate your request.

Clear your searches.

If you are checking prices over a period of weeks or months, then always try to clear out your cookies. Many travel companies will store what you have searched for, which may result in higher prices. I have seen this happen many times, and I will sometimes check on my phone and see that my phone has cheaper pricing because I haven’t search for the trip from my phone yet.

Get a rewards credit card.

If you don’t like credit cards and/or don’t know how to use them without racking up credit card debt, please skip this section completely. It’s not worthwhile to pay credit card fees and interest charges.

If you want free travel, then using a rewards credit card can be very helpful. You can just use your credit card for your normal expenses and earn rewards points for free or heavily discounted travel.

Have you ever done any of the above to save money when traveling?



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