How To Save Money On A Cruise

How To Save Money On A CruiseWe recently went on our first cruise and it was a lot of fun. We went on a seven day long cruise to the Caribbean that left from a port in southern Florida.

This was our very first cruise, and we had a lot of questions because of that. We didn’t know how anything worked, and it was even a little overwhelming since we’ve never traveled this way before.

Cruises can be expensive, or they can be a great way to travel for cheap. Below are 4 ways to save money on a cruise:

1. Use rewards points.

Rewards points are my favorite way to get a trip for free. You may be able to book your cruise on points, and you may be able to book your flight to the cruise port for free as well.

With our cruise, we were able to get one roundtrip flight for free. We didn’t have enough points for the second roundtrip flight because we booked the trip at the very last minute.

2. Be flexible with your dates.

Being flexible with when you go on your vacation can usually save you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. A difference of just one week can mean a significant amount of savings, so it is something to keep in mind.

You might try searching for different dates for the same cruise that you are interested in going on. You will most likely find at least some what of a price difference and this may help you save money.

It is also important to also think about the weather of where you are going to. Saving money might not be worth it if you have horrible weather on your trip.

3. Skip the specialty restaurants.

I know that some people are completely against this, but if you are looking to save money on your trip then you may try skipping the specialty restaurants on board your cruise ship where you have to pay money to eat. There are usually plenty of amazing restaurants on the ship to eat, so why pay?

We tried a few of the specialty restaurants, and I won’t lie, they were amazingly delicious, but they were also expensive to the point where it wasn’t really worthwhile.

4. Stay in an interior room.

For me, I am a room snob. I like to be comfortable and I like to spend time in my room. I know, I am boring. However, I usually work a lot on vacation so I need a room that is comfortable. Because of that, we had a balcony room.

However, if we would have chosen an interior room, I believe the price probably would have saved us a thousand dollars or more. Interior rooms are usually very cheap, and there are many cruises out there that offer interior rooms for crazy cheap prices such as $199 per person for a 4 day Caribbean cruise. Can’t really beat that!

Have you ever gone on a cruise? How much money did you spend?


The image above was taken of a cruise ship next to ours at a port in Mexico. I also recently came across a great article. If you are looking for ways to make extra money before you head on your cruise, please read 12 Best Ways To Make Extra Money.

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