How To Save Money On A Last Second Road Trip

How To Save Money On A Last Second Road TripI love going on road trips. I actually used to hate them as a child because I would get car sick, but I thankfully now know how to manage that better.

Road trips are so much fun and you can really see and experience where you are traveling to when traveling by car. I also enjoy having my car with me on a trip, as it makes things a lot easier.

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With all of that being said though, road trips are not free. They still cost money because you need to pay for gas, car maintenance, accommodations, food, activities, and more. Road trips can still be a great way to save money though, as flying can many times be way too expensive.

Below are my tips to save money on a last second road trip.

See if you have any rewards or points to use.

I love using rewards points for when I travel. If you have any such as through credit cards, member cards, or frequent shopper¬†cards, then you should use them! It’s like free money!

Pack meals for when you’re on the road.

Before you leave for your home destination, it’s always a good idea to head to Target, Walmart or your local grocery store and stock up on some things. Buying fast food along the way, going out to eat on the road, or buying snacks at the gas station are usually much more expensive than packing your own meals.

This includes bringing your own drinks as well!

Camp if you can.

If you enjoy camping and you already have all of the necessary equipment, then camping along your road trip can save you a decent amount of money and it can be fun as well. Campsites usually run anywhere from $5 to $25 if you have just a tent.

Plan your stops.

If you do have to stop at a hotel for a night or two, it is always a good idea to look up the prices ahead of time. Sometimes hotels charge higher prices out of the blue. For example, for our next road trip we were thinking of staying at a hotel in Vegas that we know is often only $50 a night. However, the night we were going to stop there, it is actually $500!

Have fun along the way.

Road trips are fun because you never really know what you are going to come across if you’ve never done the trip before.

Remember to have fun, enjoy the attractions, and maybe stop at a few things that weren’t originally on your list.

Do you enjoy road trips? How do you try to save money when on a road trip?


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