How To Save Money On Airport Costs

flying-658936_640Flight ticket costs are a huge portion of a person’s budget when they are trying to travel the world. Depending on which airline you are choosing to fly in, tickets can range from hundreds to possibly even thousands.

It’s best to always check around airports, and even educate yourself on ways to save money traveling with airplanes and at airports. Saving money on flight tickets is very much doable, as long as you read up on advice and tips as much as possible.

1. I’ve done a ton of research, and there really isn’t the “right time” to buy an airplane ticket.

You’ll hear some people say 6 months, 3 months, or even the day before. My piece of advice is to simply buy the ticket when it’s in your budget to buy, instead of waiting for a certain time to buy it because there is a chance that the price will just get more expensive from there. If you are a student, you can also save money on airplane tickets by using StudentUniverse or other student airplane sites.

2. Check the weight of your bags before you get to the airport.

Also, check to see your airplanes rules and regulations regarding how many bags you can bring, and how many you can check. The fees are different depending on the aircraft and some will even give you a checked bag with absolutely no charge.

3. Make sure to bring food for the airport, and while on the plane, especially if it’s a longer duration flight.

I make sure to pack items like fruit, almonds, and dry food that lasts awhile, but doesn’t smell too terribly strong like a can of tuna to be respectful to my flight neighbors. Food at the airport is extremely expensive, simply because they can be since people have nowhere else to go for food unless they want to leave the airport. Also, make sure to bring all electronic devices, chargers, and other flight items necessary since most of these items prices are plenty higher.

4. Think about connecting flights, instead of trying to fly all the way to a destination nonstop.

It might tack on a few hours or even an overnight but can possibly save you hundreds up to a thousand dollars on a flight ticket. The connecting flight stop might also give you a chance to visit the city you are stopping at as well, which enables you to do even more traveling.

Flying doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as people make it out to be, as long as you brush up on new facts and rules that are related to the airline you are choosing.

What other ways can you save money at the airport? Do you participate in any of the above methods?


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