How You Could Be Flying First Class

How You Could Be Flying First ClassFlying first class does not always have to be just for the rich.

There are many ways for the rest of us “regular” fliers to fly comfortably to our vacation destination without completely breaking the bank.

Below are my tips to fly first class affordably:

Use credit card rewards.

Credit card rewards are one of my absolute favorite things in life. If you regularly use credit cards, then you might as well use a credit card that has a rewards system so that you can earn free travel such as free airfare and free hotel stays.

It’s really not even that hard to earn free travel. Just sign up for credit cards that have great rewards systems in place and high sign up bonuses, then continue using these credit cards for your everyday expenses.

It’s really not that hard to rack up credit card travel rewards once you add everything up. You have to think about all of the expenses you may come across:

  • Food.
  • Gas.
  • Utility bills.
  • Cable.
  • Cell phone.
  • Clothing.
  • And more!

The key is to only buy things with your credit card that you can fully pay for each month. You never want to carry a balance over to the next credit card billing month because then you may have to pay interest fees and/or late charges.

Expand your search.

Surprisingly, there are times when a first class ticket may actually be cheaper than a coach ticket. We paid for my husband’s parents to have a vacation at a Caribbean resort a few years ago, and when searching for tickets I actually found first class tickets that were cheaper than coach. It’s not something you see often, but you better bet that I jumped on that ticket as quick as I could.

This means that you should never just search for “coach” when buying airfare. Usually that is pre-checked for you on bargain travel websites like Expedia, but you might want to try every now and then to search all available flights instead.

Work at an airline.

This is a task that might take you months or years before you can earn flights, and this does mean that you will have to work full-time at an airlines most likely.

However, if you enjoy airports then this may be the job for you. You can earn free or heavily discounted airfare. Also, if there are extra first class seats, you may be able to sit in first class for a very minimal price.

Do you often fly first class?


Image via Flickr by Richard Moross


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