Is RVing For You?

Is RVing For You?One form/way of traveling that we have been thinking about a lot lately is whether or not we should give RVing a shot. It seems like more and more people are RVing around their country (or continent), and it seems like a lot of fun!

There are two main reasons why I first got interested.

1 – I found this amazing blog, Luxe Land Yacht. I’ve been following their trip since they started, and it just sounds so amazing.

2 – The second reason is because when I had my day job, I did work for a client who just so happened to also own an RV dealership. He loved the RVing lifestyle, and he REALLY sold this way of traveling to me.

How long should I travel?

Everyone is different. Some own their RV and use it for vacations, weekend trips and more, and then just park it in the driveway of their home when they are not using it.

Others may completely sell their home (or rent it out for a long period of time), and live in their RV.

Others (like me), are more interested in renting an RV. This is because I probably only plan on going on one RV trip in the near future. Many RV dealerships will rent RVs to customers for weekends, weeks, or months.

How large should I go when it comes to the RV I choose?

There are very large RVs out there with multiple bathrooms, bedrooms and more. And then there are others that are towables that you hitch onto your car.

You need to really think about how big or how small you want to go. Usually the smaller you go, then less it will cost, and the more minimalist you will have to be.

For us, I would like a happy medium. I don’t need an RV that is bigger than my house, but if I want to spend some time in it and travel the country in it, I want it to be bigger than my home’s guest bathroom as well :)

Do you need a specific driver’s license to operate an RV?

Most RVs can be operated with a normal driver’s license. Some RVs will need a Commercial Driver’s License though.

You should do your research though. Usually, RVs that are heavier than 26,000 pounds and longer than 45 feet will need a┬áCommercial Driver’s License. It’s always best to be safe though and do your own research as to whether or not you need a specific driver’s license to operate an RV that you are interested in renting or buying.

Do you want to own or rent an RV?


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Is RVing For You? — 3 Comments

  1. I always loved these vehicles… motor homes, camper vans and the rest. Ever since I saw one of these at around the age of 5, I’ve fallen in love with motor homes.
    But when seeing the prices of a new one, I freeze!

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