How To Keep Your House Safe When On Vacation

How To Keep Your House Safe When On VacationI love to travel, but the one thing I dislike about it is the fact that I really dislike leaving my home for a long period of time.

You just never know what may happen – someone may break in, a stranger might throw a party in it (yes, this recently happened in my town and the victims had $60,000 worth of damage!), a fire may happen, and so on.

I know, I am probably a little crazy when it comes to this, and I know there are many who do not even think twice about their home when they are on vacation.

However, I don’t think it hurts to put some house planning so that your home and your valuables stay safe.

Here are my tips to keep your house safe when you are on a vacation.

Hire a house sitter.

You can hire someone to stay at your house the whole time, or you can have someone just drive by every so often to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary while you are gone.

You can also have this person water any plants, take care of animals as well (of course, if they are comfortable doing so).

Leave a car in the driveway.

We always leave a car in the driveway. This is important because thieves often do neighborhood scans to see who is home and who is not. If there is no car in the driveway, then they may target your home since they think no one is home.


Before we are about to go on a vacation, I usually unplug things around our house so that nothing catches on fire. I know, I am a major worrier, but it also saves on electricity costs. If no one is going to be there, then why not unplug? It most likely will only take you a few minutes anyways to unplug everything.

Don’t blast it on social media that you will be gone.

This is a tip that so many people forget. You should never tell the whole entire world that you are gone. Whenever we go on a trip, I almost always wait to post any pictures or anything until after we are home or when we are almost home. If you tell people you are on a vacation, they will know that you are not home and make jump at the opportunity, especially if they know that you have valuables inside your home.

Place a mail hold.

We always place a mail hold before we go on vacation. You can do it directly on USPS’s website, and literally just takes a minute to do. This way your mail does not build up in your mailbox.

Also, if you receive the newspaper, then you should place a hold on that as well, or ask your neighbor to pick it up. If you have 10 newspapers in your driveway then it would be fairly obvious that no one is home.

Make sure all of the doors and windows are locked.

Okay, this is key. If you do all of the above but then do not lock your doors, then nothing in this post really matters. You should double check that everything is locked.

Do you do any of the above when you go on a vacation? Why or why not?


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