Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National ParkMammoth Cave National Park is a national park located in the state of Kentucky.

This national park contains the world’s biggest cave system. There is said to be over 400 miles of caves at Mammoth Cave National Park! More and more areas seem to be discovered all the time as well. There is just so much to see here.

This national park is a lot of fun. There are cave tours, camping, trails to walk and hike, horseback riding, and more.

Here are some things that you should know about when visiting Mammoth Cave National Park.

History of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Mammoth Cave National Park was established in 1941, but it is said to be over 15,000,000 years old. People have been exploring this cave system for around 4,000 years.

When is Mammoth Cave National Park open?

If you are looking to visit from now until September 1st, then the visitor center hours fare from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day. Tours are at varying times.

Where should you stay when visiting Mammoth Cave National Park?

When visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, there are plenty of options for places to stay. There are numerous hotels, motels, cottages, and so on in the immediate area.

If you are wanting to have a little bit more fun, there is camping available as well. There are three campgrounds at Mammoth Cave National Park with fees ranging from $12 to $30 per night.

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Mammoth Cave National ParkHow much does it cost to enter Mammoth Cave National Park?

Mammoth Cave National Park is a great place to visit if you are wanting to have some frugal fun. Most of this national park is free.

There are fees for the cave tours though, which can range anywhere from $2.50 (for seniors) to $48 for an adult taking the Wild Cave Tour. There are several different cave tours at Mammoth Cave, so I’m sure you will find something to your liking.

Can I bring my pets here?

If you have a pet, then you may be wondering if you can bring them to Mammoth Cave National Park. Yes, you can bring your pet, but they must be on a leash. However, they are not allowed in the cave system. There is a kennel at one of the hotels nearby.

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