New York Fashion and Social Media

This last week has seen social media marketers taking great advantage of fashion lovers using social media to capture and watch the event coverage. These social media platforms were worked into the famous fashion event and reportedly reached a huge number of fans and followers which in essence created a mass of fashion centered engagement, via social media.

Those who love their apps will know just how important they become as you can totally personalise your mobile devices to suit your individual needs.  Numerous apps are offered to the general public and we have come to expect excellent performance both in sound and visual quality.  No longer do apps crash half way through like they used to making our online experiences pretty awful, now we can enjoy a whole host of entertainment options like where pages load and open up easily and quickly allowing us to enjoy our favourite games whilst catching up with friends both old and new.

The gambling industry has embraced the whole concept mobile devices and operators provide their players with exceptional choice in a safe and secure environment so it is not really so surprising that another massive industry, like fashion, would use social media to forward their cause.

One of the most popular apps that has been used this year in order to track New York Fashion week is Snapchat which provides its users with an almost behind the scenes feel experience. Those that use Snapchat can follow celebrities and watch them attend the shows, and also get personal insights about various designers and featured clothing items.  Those that live in and about New York City can also submit their own photos and videos to be featured on the NYFW Snapchat Story

Instagram is also giving full coverage of the fashion week with photo and video postings on both the official Fashion Week account and the version of Instagram that is is specific to the New Your Fashion Week which has in excess of 103k followers.  With all the shows featured with videos and photos Instagram content is full of colour and the comments about model performances or featured items is both informative and entertaining.

Twitter provides a first look at the runway video replays plus those makeup and hair moments and keeps followers up to date about shows which are in progress.

If you want to categorize your photos later on then Pinterest is the site for you as you can take a look at certain clothing lines from a particular show, or view the collaboration of the designers who are involved in the New York Fashion Week.

For a up to the minute blog environment where you can view the trending fashions, hair and makeups then Tumblr is the place to be as it has the resource for viewing the full collaboration of all the trending items in one place.

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