Positives and Negatives of Traveling With An RV

The other day I published the article Is RVing For You? Today is Part 2 to that. There are many things to know about RVing before you jet off on your RV vacation. Below are the many positives and negatives of choosing to travel via RV for your next vacation.

Positive – You can travel and live where you want to.

Positives and Negatives of Traveling With An RV

Whether you decide to keep your home base or not, having an RV allows you to choose where you want to live and travel to at least some of the time. One month you may want to live near the ocean, and the next month you may choose to leave and live next to a mountain – that is what’s great about having an RV!

You can also travel and cook where you want to as well. No need to worry about finding a hotel, apartment or house that has all the amenities that you need.

Negative – It is small. 

Do you know if you will get along with your significant other or other family members for a long period of time in a small living area? You will lose a lot of personal space if you are downsizing from a house to an RV, and this is something that many people do not think about.

Positive – You never have to leave “home.” 

Even though I always love traveling and go on amazing trips, I almost always miss home at least a little bit.

However, with an RV, you can travel where you want to and bring your home with you. You are less likely to “forget” something important, and you can bring a lot more than just your suitcase.

Also, if you own your RV, then you can bring your pets as well! Many places that rent RVs do not allow for animals in the RV though – this is something to keep in mind when thinking about whether you want to rent or buy an RV.

Negative – Your RV may break.

Just like with a home, your RV may break. If you don’t know what you are doing, then you may come across high RV repair costs and time delays when trying to reach your destination.

Positive – You can make a lot of amazing memories.

Having an RV allows you to take long-term trips, or even short-term trips, to places that you have been wanting to go to. You can travel places where there are no hotels. You can pack up and leave, no need to worry about airport hassles or anything like that.

You can live with nature, bring your family with you, and more!

Have you ever traveled the country via RV? Why or why not?


Image via Flickr by Loren Kerns


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