Preparing Your House For Travel

Before we leave for our trip, there are many things that we need to do first. We do have a house, cars and dogs. And, we plan on keeping everything while we are gone and not getting rid of anything since we will only be gone for around two to three months.

Find a dog sitter.

My sister and her boyfriend will be staying in our house and watching the dogs. I am so glad that they are able to do this before they leave to move to Chicago in 2014.

We need to make sure that the fences are secure (so that my sister doesn’t accidentally let them out), they have the correct dog food (with a few extra bags as well), let me sister know their correct feeding schedules and amounts and so on.

Make sure the house is safe.

My sister’s boyfriend will be moving into our house and will be helping my sister out with house sitting. I will want to make sure that our bedroom windows are all locked up and that everything is safe for them.

We will also probably want to give extra keys to someone else just in case my sister and her boyfriend have to leave and are unable to let the dogs out. I’d want to have another person just in case for back-up.

Are the bills paid?

Before we leave, I would prefer to pay all bills so that I do not have to log into any fishy and unsafe internet connections while we are abroad.

I will want to have the mortgage, cell phone bills, utility bills and so on paid for. Luckily most of this is already automated, but I would want to check on everything to make sure that I was correctly charge for each as well though.

Have someone start the cars.

Since our cars will be sitting there for so long, it would be smart to have someone start them and drive them around the block every now and then.

Complete all maintenance.

We are kind of doing a lot of things right now. We want to make sure that all sinks are unclogged, gutters are cleaned, pipes are in good condition and so on.

If something broke while we were gone that would not be good because it would be hard for us to get home quickly enough to fix the problem.


What have I forgotten?


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