How To Save Money On A Ski Vacation

winter-494198_640Skiing is a fun hobby, but it can be a very expensive vacation if you want to make a trip out of it. Skiing and “frugal vacation” are not exactly words that are often in the same sentence together.

However, I would like to change that today.

Today, we will talk about how to save money on a ski vacation. Yes, it IS possible!

Book early.

If you are fairly positive that you will be going skiing later in the year, then you may want to look into booking ahead of time. You can usually save money by buying your tickets early, such as before the first snowfall. You may be able to save 10% to 20% right there just by booking early.

Use credit card rewards.

Some resorts will include lift tickets in a package if you stay with them. If you book your place with credit card rewards, then you may be able to have a very cheap vacation. It might even be a free vacation.

Read the articles below if you are interested in using credit card rewards to have a cheap or very frugal vacation:

Avoid holiday weekends.

If you can, then you want to try to avoid peak season times because that is when ski resorts will usually jack up their prices. You may find yourself paying twice as much for the same vacation just because you chose the wrong days to go.

Who wants that? Not me!

Compare accommodation choices in the area.

If you have a lot of people going on your trip with you, then you may want to look into possibly renting a cabin or a condo near a ski area. You will most likely save money over staying in a small hotel room. Plus, you will most likely have a kitchen which can help you save money on food.

Look for coupons or discounts.

Occasionally ski resorts will offer discounts and coupons for various things. You may want to sign up for their email list, follow different ski resorts on social media, and more. You never know when you may get a discount, but you may have to do some searching if you want to save some money in this area.

How much does a skiing vacation usually cost you? How do you try to save money?


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