How To Save Money On Summer Airfare and Traveling

How To Save Money On Summer Airfare and TravelingSummer is right around the corner and I am sure many of you are thinking about summer vacations. It’s probably cold where you live right now as well, so that probably just gives you extra motivation to start day dreaming and planning a vacation too.

Here are five ways to save money on summer airfare and traveling.

1. Only bring a carry on.

This can save you money in two ways. The first way is that you won’t have to possibly pay any extra baggage fees. These fees can add up quickly if you bring too many things with you. The second way that bringing only a carry on can save you money is that many taxis will charge you extra if you have many bags, and if you only have a carry on then you can usually escape these extra taxi fees.

Bringing only a carry on can also save you time, as you will not have to wait for your checked baggage once you finally arrive at your destination.

2. Look for airfare glitches.

The next thing you might want to look into is possibly finding an airfare glitch. I have seen super cheap airfare glitches lately that make me just want to pack my bags and go on a cheap and fun vacation.

I talked about this recently in a blog post of mine, so if you are interested then definitely check it out!

3. Shop for airplane tickets on certain days.

Shopping for airfare on certain days can usually save you a little bit of money. Shopping on a Monday is usually the most expensive day. I am not sure why this is, but maybe it’s because people go into work on Mondays and start daydreaming about their next vacation right away :)

The best days to look for airplane tickets can vary, but usually looking on Tuesday is the cheapest whenever I take a gander. However, I have heard that Saturday or Sunday airfare shopping can save you a great deal of money as well.

Also, if you do not buy your airplane ticket that very same day that you look for one, you should clear your cookies before you search again. This is because travel websites usually store your information and they may jack up the price next time you look since they know you plan on buying a ticket soon.

4. Travel on less busy flight days.

I usually like to travel on a Tuesday or a Saturday, as I know that they are usually the cheapest days to fly. This is because less people travel on these days so airlines want to fill up their seats.

Traveling on less buy days also means the possibility for no one to be sitting next to you (more leg and arm room!), and also might mean shorter security lines.

5. Look for airfare sales.

Airplane companies occasionally offer sales throughout the year that can save you a decent amount of money. You might be able to find airplane tickets for half or even a third of the normal price, which can save you a great deal of money.

Do you plan on taking any trips this summer? How do you plan on saving money on the traveling cost of your trip?

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