Selling Your Home and Living in an RV?

Selling Your Home and Living in an RV?We have been thinking about a pretty crazy idea lately. It has a fairly small chance of happening, but just thinking about it is a little fun.

We definitely plan on buying an RV/travel trailer and traveling extensively in it, but I’m not sure if we could ever completely sell our home to do this.

There are a few things to think about if you are debating whether or not you want to sell our home and live/travel in an RV full-time:

You could see a lot of where you live.

The United States is pretty amazing. There are all different types of cities and states here, and you can also drive to Canada, Central America, and South America. I recently found an amazing blog where the couple drove all over the United States and are currently in Brazil (I think). That sounds completely amazing to me.

You can visit amazing national forests, national parks, lakes, and so on. There are so many awesome places that you can get up close and personal with if you travel in an RV.

Having an RV would make traveling a lot more easier because you can bring your home with you and never feel like you are home sick. You would have all of your stuff with you and that would make it 100 times easier to travel!

How much would it cost?

This is a hard question to answer. You would have to buy the actual RV (you might be able to find one for $10,000, of you might find one for $500,000 – theses can vary WIDELY), pay for any maintenance or repairs, cell phone, campsite fees, electricity, propane, and so on. Your actual expenses can vary, but those are jus examples.

Campsite fees can vary widely. You might be something as low as $20, or you may find places that charge $75 a night.

It might be easier on your pets.

Instead of traveling and pretty much living out of hotels when going on road trips, you could instead have an RV to travel with.

This might be easier on your pets (if the RV is big enough and you give them ample space to be active both indoors and outdoors) since they could have a place to call home and wouldn’t be constantly on the move.

Would you ever consider selling your home and living in an RV?

Why or why not?


P.S. If you are a full-time RVer, I am thinking about starting an interview series. I would love to interview you. Send me an email and I can feature you on my blog!


Image via Flickr by David~O

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