Spending Your Honeymoon in Europe

Spending Your Honeymoon in EuropeOur honeymoon will take place later this year, and we really want to go somewhere new. On our list of where we might want to travel to for our honeymoon is Europe.

We are really hoping that we can do this, but we need to start planning this as soon as we can.

I am so bad when it comes to planning, and I am known to plan my vacations at the very last-minute. Oh well! I still enjoy every last bit of it every single time :)

Below are different things that you should know if you want to spend your honeymoon in Europe.

What are the top honeymoon destinations?

There are many great places to visit while you are in Europe. You could travel to one country, or try to visit a few. It all depends on how much time you have.

If you only have one week, then just one country might be best, as you probably want to spend more time having fun and enjoying a new country instead of stuck on some form of transportation. Or, that might just me. Of course, do whatever fits your traveling style best.

  • Greece. One day, I would love to go on a cruise to the islands of Greece. I have seen pictures and it looks absolutely amazing.
  • France. Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris while they are on their honeymoon?
  • Ireland. I would love to see all of the beautiful castles and the scenery.
  • Italy. Italy is known for romance for a reason…
  • Netherlands. This is where we REALLY want to go.

Can it be affordable?

Europe may not be the cheapest place that you could travel to, but there are ways of making it affordable. However, it’s also very easy to blow your budget when traveling to Europe.

Your best bet is to have a budget and stick to it. If you have a total of $2,000 to spend on your honeymoon, then you will want to research how much airfare and hotels would cost before you decide on where you want to travel to.

Also, if you know how to use credit cards for rewards, it is possible to go on a very cheap trip to Europe.

When should you start your planning your European vacation?

You will want to plan it at least a little bit in advance, especially if you need a visa. Also, don’t forget that the further out you plan your honeymoon, the more months you are able to save for it.

Are there all-inclusives available in Europe?

It would be hard for you to find many all-inclusive deals in Europe, and I’m not even sure if any true all-inclusives even exist in Europe. For the most part, that mainly only applies to Caribbean vacations.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?



Spending Your Honeymoon in Europe — 2 Comments

  1. After travelling and living in Asia for nearly 3 years I’m finally back in Europe. It’s indeed a great honeymoon destination. Paris, Rome and Barcelona are the top romantic cities in my opinion.

  2. Spain is a wonderful and beautiful country that I would think would be an amazing place to have a honeymoon. You can stay in hostels that are pretty much like hotels but at a far friendlier budget price. And you can eat and drink like a king – especially with all those tapas!

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