Staying Safe Online While Traveling

mountains-593178_640Traveling can be great. You get to see the world, experience new things, meet new people, try new delicious food, and more. However, occasionally you may need to get on the internet.

Maybe you work online while you travel or you just want to browse social media and catch up with friends. But, how do you stay safe when online?

You are in a brand new country after all, and the internet you are getting on is most likely not under your name so you may not know what you are logging onto.

Here are my tips for staying safe online while traveling. Whether you are on social media, betting on sports, handling your banking, or more, it’s always best to be safe. It’s not hard to be safe online anyways.

macbook-336692_640Always know the website you are browsing.

Sometimes when you have an unsafe internet connection, the websites may change without you realizing it. Before you browse something and enter any important personal information such as your social security number, credit card number, or something else that is personal, you should make sure that you are on the correct website and that it is not just something that closely resembles the website that you meant to go on.

Many scammers do this with websites such as PayPal because that is a big money transferring website.

Connect to wifi yourself.

On your phone or laptop, you should always have it set so that you have to manually connect to a wifi network, and not so that it just automatically connects you. This is because there are some fraudulent wifi networks that pretend they are wifi but in fact they are just stealing your information without you even realizing it.

Use your own internet.

This is 2015 people! There are many ways to get your own internet, satellite internet even that you can bring to certain places with you. This is the most safe way for you to access internet as you are not going to scam yourself.

This option may be more expensive, but hopefully as technology improves this form of mobile internet will become more affordable for regular people like you and me. This is something that I definitely want to get soon once I save up some money and can afford to travel whenever and wherever without wondering if I can work or not. Just makes my whole job much more stable as I do not have to worry about whether or not I will be able to find a fast and safe internet connect.

Always trust your instinct. 

Lastly, it’s always better to trust your gut. If you do not have a good feeling about the wifi network that you are about to log into, then you should just leave it and try to find something better. It most likely isn’t hard to find safe wifi as everyone has wifi these days.

How do you stay safe when you are online? Share any tips that you may have!


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