Tipping In Different Countries

Tipping In Different CountriesFor me, I like to learn as much about other countries as I can before I visit. The planning and researching part is just as fun as actually visiting the country for me. I know, I’m weird!

However, I think doing your research is important. Each and every country in the world is different, and there are little things that are wise to know before you visit a country.

One area that many people usually have questions or are unsure about include how tipping works in other countries.

Since I live in the United States, I tip. I usually tip anywhere between 20% to 30%, and that probably makes me an over tipper but as a person who used to work in customer service and a person who has had many waiter/waitress/bartender friends, I know how little these people make.

I know that some people like to skip out on tips entirely to save money, and I do not agree with that at all. However, I also know that in some countries a tip is considered an insult, and that is something that you probably wouldn’t know unless you did your research.

Below is how tipping works in a few different countries.

Tipping in Morocco.

Tipping in the country of Morocco can be confusing. Sometimes the tip is included on your receipt but other times it is not. It’s always best to check your final bill. If you do tip, then 10% is considered good. When at a hotel, tipping is somewhat similar to the U.S. Your porter usually receives a few dollars and your room keeper usually receives around $5 each day.

Tipping in Mexico.

A tip of around 10% to 15% is standard for a restaurant bill in Mexico.

Tipping in Brazil.

When eating at a restaurant in Brazil, tip in usually already included in your bill so it is not required. When at a hotel, it is similar to that in the U.S., except you do not usually have to tip the concierge.

Tipping in Caribbean countries.

When in the Caribbean, tipping is pretty similar from country to country. You will usually want to tip around 15% to 20% unless you are at an all-inclusive resort. Even though gratuity is usually included at an all-inclusive resort, tipping a few extra dollars is usually appreciated.

Tipping in Egypt.

In the country of Egypt, the tip is usually included in the bill already. Some will add an extra 5% or 10% to the bill when at a restaurant. Tipping at hotels is similar to that of tipping in the U.S.

Tipping in Costa Rica.

When at a restaurant in Costa Rica, the tip is already included in the bill. You can tip extra but that is up to your discretion. When at a hotel, a tip of around $0.50 for each bag to the porter is recommended and $1 each day for the room keeper.

Tipping in Thailand.

In Thailand, tipping is pretty cheap. You usually tip around $1 per person when at a restaurant, and there is no tip needed for your room keeper.

What tipping rules am I forgetting?

Do you have an interesting tipping story to share?


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