Tips For Planning a Road Trip

Tips For Planning a Road TripIf you couldn’t tell from my past articles about RVing, Positives and Negatives of Traveling With An RV and Is RVing For You?, I am very interested in one of our next trips in 2014 to be a semi-long road trip.

We are interested in a road trip for many reasons:

  • We want to explore the United States, and the easiest way to do this usually is to take a road trip. You can see much more than if you were to fly by plane.
  • We have two dogs. Yes, we could put them in a kennel, but I would prefer not to do that. I have heard too many horror stories of kennels in the area where I live, so I would prefer not to put my dogs through that. I always enjoy the company of my dogs, and they usually do very well in the car anyways, so why not just bring them with us?
  • They are fun! We love driving, so road trips are just a lot of fun to us.


Here are my tips for when you are planning your next road trip.

Think about how much money you want to spend.

Just because it’s a road trip doesn’t mean that it will be cheap. We are planning a road trip to the Pacific Northwest and around that area, and we have estimated that gas alone will probably cost around $1,500. Then you also have to factor in all the maintenance that needs to be done as well (maybe you need new tires, an oil change is probably a must, new windshield wipers, and so on).

Other costs that you will need to think about include your accommodations, food, activities, and more.

You should first create a budget, and then look into where you should go and for how long.

Also, you might need to think about whether your car will do well on a road trip. Will you be buying a new car with a car loan, renting a car, or using your current car?

Think about where you want to go.

Do you like visiting the beach? Or maybe you want somewhere a little colder so that you can go skiing? There are so many options for you, especially if you are in the United States!

Also, you want to think about how much time you have as well. If you only have 3 days, then you probably won’t have enough time to make a 2,000 mile round trip road trip and still enjoy yourselves.

Pack what you need.

When you are on a road trip, it can be easy to over pack since you won’t be limited to carry ons and so on such as if you were flying on an airplane. However, it’s always a good idea to limit yourself. Any extra space in your car can be a lifesaver, especially if someone wants to sprawl out and sleep a little bit.

Also, don’t forget to pack:

  • Snacks and drinks. You might want to bring a cooler for everything, and stop every now and then to put new, cold ice into the cooler.
  • Maps. Don’t forget to bring a map! You can’t always rely on your GPS, because on a road trip it can be very easy to lose your signal and get lost.
  • A medical pack. You never know if something will happen. You can usually find these at Target or Walmart for around $20 or less, and they usually fit right into your glove box.


Do you enjoy road trips? What tips do you have?


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Tips For Planning a Road Trip — 4 Comments

  1. We did a road trip across the US, it was so much fun. That was before our dog, but she would have been a blast to have with us. I love the pacific northwest – such a gorgeous area! One of our favorites was Crater Lake in Oregon – have you been? It’s so beautiful! We also found an atlas was super helpful in our trip.

  2. Yes, you are right!!! Money is the first factor to consider before planning a trip. You have explained very well all the tips that everyone must consider before going for a vacation. I am about to head out for mini road trip. I will consider all your points to make my trip joyful and comfortable.

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