Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation Part 1

Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation Part 1Vacations can be expensive, however, they don’t NEED to be. Whenever I hear about others spending $10,000 on a one week vacation because they don’t think it can be any cheaper than that, I won’t lie, I CRINGE.

Yes, it is possible, you just have to try. You don’t even have to try that hard. Saving money on your vacation budget is very doable and it is very possible.

There are plenty of ways for you to save money so that you don’t have to bust your budget or break the bank to escape your city and have some fun somewhere new.

Here are 5 different ways to save money on your next vacation:

1. Use rewards points. 

If you can trust yourself to use credit cards to your advantage and not rack up credit card debt, I would really look into using credit cards and earning rewards points.

You can earn rewards points easily by charging your normal expenses to your credit card (food, gas, bills, etc.), and then earn rewards points for just swiping your card like you usually would do.

I know people who have gotten whole vacations for free from using rewards points, which is awesome! I myself have redeemed my credit card rewards points for several free roundtrip flights, which is great!

2. Think about the whole cost of your accommodations.

Before you choose your hotel, you need to think about the whole cost of where you are staying.

If your hotel is 50 miles from where you will be spending all of your time, will you really be saving that much money?

Or, if you just plan on staying at the hotel the whole time, would an all-inclusive suit you better?

3. Bring your Student ID.

I always try to bring my student ID wherever I go. I can usually get something like a 10% or 15% discount on food or entertainment, which is definitely better than nothing!

All I have to do is keep my student ID in my purse and it takes up pretty much no room at all, so this is always an easy way to save money on my trips.

4. Take public transportation if you can.

If you are visiting a destination where there is reliable and safe public transportation, I would definitely look into that. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars this way!

5. Be flexible with your dates.

If you are flexible with your travel dates, you may be able to save a good deal of money on both your hotel and airfare. Just switching your vacation up by 2 or 3 days may save you hundreds of dollars.

However, if you have to take extra days off work to do this, then the savings may or may not be worth it to you. It’s always best to analyze your specific situation.

How do you try to save money on your vacations?


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Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation Part 1 — 5 Comments

  1. Great tips – as far as accommodations go I always look at what other stuff they offer. Maybe free bikes, or kayaks, breakfast – often these things add up. Typically smaller, family run establishments offer more added bonuses and are more affordable.

  2. After travelling for such a long time, I can tell you that being flexible helps a lot. There are so many great flight deals out there so if you are always free to set off for a new journey, it’s a big advantage!

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