Travel Scams You Should Know About

Travel Scams You Should Know AboutThe last thing any traveler or vacationer wants to think about is possible being scammed.

However, it does happen, and it’s best to know about possible tricks so that you can avoid falling for a scam.

Even though there are scams out there, you should not assume that everyone out there is trying to scam you and therefore have a bad attitude the whole time. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and be mindful of what is going on. You should always try to enjoy your trip as much as you can, and be positive :)

Currency scams.

There are a few currency scams out there that locals in countries might try to pull on you.

  • Someone might ask you for change multiple times and give you less than what you were supposed to get. You would be surprised that people actually fall for this scam, but I have personally seen this happen to a coworker when I worked at a retail store (in the U.S.). The person asks for change multiple times to the point where it just gets extremely confusing. Everything happens so quickly and before you know it you are down a few dollars.
  • If you are in a new country, you might not know what the currency exchange rate is and the person might give you the wrong amount hoping that you won’t notice.
  • Another scam is that you might be given currency in a different form that is worth less than the country you are actually in. If you are in a new country, you can easily fall for this because you are not used to the currency there.

Getting your bag stolen.

No matter where you are, you should always hold onto your bag and your belongings. Even if you are in a car you should have somewhat of a grasp on it. I have heard of people sitting in a taxi and someone opens up their car door and takes their stuff.

Being told a different price.

Before you agree to something (such as a taxi ride), you should always try to agree on a price beforehand. Sometimes people will try to pull a fast one on you and charge you a higher price for something that should have been cheaper.

Another example of this is the taxi driver taking you the long way to your destination. This is common in Las Vegas. You should always tell your driver that you want the cheapest and quickest route.

Vacation rental scams.

There are tons of vacation rental websites out there. And, because of that there are many scams that target wannabe renters. You may find a place to rent, show up, only to find that it was never actually for rent. The scammer took your money instead. You should always make sure that the place you are wanting to rent has real reviews and is verified by the company.

What other scams have you heard about?



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  1. Currency scams are the most common ones. I can’t even recall how many times people tried to rip me off in Thailand and the Philippines. You must be extremely careful.

    Great tips!

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