How Traveling Like a Local Can Save You Money

How Traveling Like a Local Can Save You MoneyVacations cost money. That’s no surprise. However, there are many ways you can save money and start taking more vacations.

One of the main ways you can save money on your vacations is by traveling like a local!

Today we will be discussing ways that you can save money with where you stay,


If you want to travel very frugally, then couchsurfing may be the way for you. While it is not something I have ever tried, I do have a few friends who have couchsurfed and thoroughly enjoyed it. Couchsurfing is where you travel from place to place and stay in people’s homes for free.

Short-term rentals.

Whenever I go on a vacation, I usually stay in a short-term rental. They are usually comparable in price to a hotel, and sometimes even cheaper. They also have a lot more space, grass for our dogs, and more. They are usually in great locations as well where you can actually see the city that you are visiting.

Short-term rentals are my favorite and I prefer them 100 times more than an actual hotel.

My favorite websites to find a short-term rental include:,, and

Local restaurants.

Most people spend way too much money on food when they are on vacation, and more of the time it is not needed. For me, I like to try local places. They are usually cheaper and you actually get to try food from the area.

Too many people just stick to the restaurants that are inside the hotel where they are staying. Restaurants in these hotels are usually overpriced and just traditional food that you can get back home.

Instead, venture out of your hotel and try some local flavors!

Local transportation.

We live in an area with really bad public transportation, so I can honestly say that this was a hard one to get used to. Since we don’t take public transportation unless we are on a vacation, it’s like a whole new world where we often stand there confused for at least a few minutes.

However, the few minutes of confusion can save you a ton of money when you are on vacation.

Instead of paying money for taxis or hundreds of dollars on renting a car, you should check and see how the public transportation is in the area where you are going on a vacation. You might find that the subway or bus system might be all that you really even need.

In certain areas, a sidewalk may be all that you need. There are certain areas where everyone hitchhikes as well such as in small mountain towns in the United States (it’s almost expected).

Do you travel like a local? Why or why not?


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