Vintage Camper Trailer Travel Plans

Vintage Camper Trailer Travel PlansOkay, this will probably sound crazy to some of you. We are thinking about buying camper trailer and traveling the United States in it.

Our plans for travel seem to change all the time, but there’s nothing wrong with that right? I think we are pretty set with buying a camper trailer, we just need to make sure everything works…

Here are some of the things we are thinking about currently:

How much can our car tow?

We have a 2 door Jeep Wrangler, and for some reason it tows a lot less than a 4 door Jeep Wrangler. Ours can tow 2,000 pounds, and it recommends no more than 1,500 for a camper trailer.

This low amount makes it very hard to find something that actually fits into our weight limit. We have found some that are around 1,200 pounds, but when you actually start to put stuff in it, it can reach a high weight very quickly.

That being said, we have heard of people towing 4,000 pounds on the very same Jeep Wrangler as we have, but that’s not something I would like to do.

What’s our budget?

Our budget isn’t the highest. Since we will still have to pay our bills at home when we are traveling and because we are currently saving for the down payment on our next home, our budget is somewhat limited.

We are hoping to stay under $10,000 which includes all renovations that may be needed as well.

How will I work?

This is something that I had to look extensively into before I decided whether or not I want to travel via camper trailer.

I have decided that we will try to stay in campgrounds that have wi-fi (that can be iffy though as campground wi-fi usually sucks), try to stay in areas that will have wi-fi, and so on.

I am also looking into the possibility of buying an internet satellite for our camper trailer, but I have heard that those can cost thousands of dollars so I am a little hesitant about that.

Will we keep our home?

Yes, we will be keeping our home. We still want a home base, and we have a lot of stuff. Luckily, our mortgage isn’t too expensive, but it still stinks to have to pay around $1,500 a month for something we won’t be using.

What about our dogs?

We do want to bring our dogs. That is the main reason for why we want a camper trailer. We want them to be more comfortable when we travel, and I know they aren’t super comfortable being confined to a tent when we are hiking and camping.

Are we crazy? Do you have dreams of traveling the U.S. by camper trailer?


Image via Flickr by dwstucke


Vintage Camper Trailer Travel Plans — 3 Comments

  1. I certainly don’t think you’re crazy! It’s a great idea, and one that I’ve considered many times myself.

    With regards to working and getting wifi, with pretty much every cafe having free wifi now that shouldn’t be a problem, just order a coffee and make it last a couple of hours. If you’re keeping your home I’d look into renting it out, either for a long term let or on something like Airbnb if it’s in a touristy location – you could end up making more money than you’re spending on it!

    • Thanks! Yeah, getting wifi from a cafe doesn’t always work for us. We like to travel to national parks and we like to stay in campgrounds, and the wifi isn’t always good there because there is usually nothing around them. We recently spent 2 weeks in Colorado and couldn’t find a cafe to save our lives it felt like!

      • Ah, I guess if you’re out in the middle of nowhere there might not be many cafes! What about getting a dongle? I don’t know if that what you call them/if you can get them in the US, but we have them in the UK – Just a little device you stick into your computer that can pick up 3G/4G signals for a monthly fee. Might not be the best signal in the countryside, but always worth looking into. They do pay as you go ones as well, so you could always buy one and top it up once to see if it works before committing to one with monthly fees.

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