Ways To Save Money On A Trip

balance-865819_640Traveling transports us not only to another world physically, but mentally as well. Experiencing a new place not only lets you see a different world, but lets you see a different you as well. You will mold into a stronger, more independent person and experience a different culture and place in the process.

A person can get so much out of traveling, but traveling can take a lot from you as well money wise. Traveling doesn’t have to be so terribly expensive, as long as you do some reading beforehand and educate yourself on ways to save money. Visiting countries where the currency exchange rate is in your favor is also a good idea, which leads me to my first tip.

1. Visit countries where the exchange rate is in your favor, and also visit a country in which everything is considerably cheaper.

I recently went to Peru, where the exchange rate was not only amazing, but everything was also very cheap as well. This country is full of haggling as well, and you don’t need to tip either. If you are on a budget, it’s best to visit most countries in South America, rather than go to Japan or Switzerland where it can get pretty expensive.

2. Obtain an ISIC card which enables you to get thousands of discounts all over the world.

Being a student can help tremendously while traveling because you can buy tourist tickets and other transportation tickets a lot cheaper. You can buy things at student rates which are usually a few dollars cheaper than regular tickets, which will save you plenty of money over time. I recently used my ISIC card for my Machu Picchu trip, and my savings alone paid for my ISIC card!

3. Join a Facebook traveling group and ask the group members how they save money while traveling, and which places are a must see when traveling to a certain country or city.

You can also ask the members which places are not worth going to nor paying for, which will save you an enormous amount of money. These people can also give you a bunch of tips regarding how to save money in these areas, and important tips and advice you should know. I also had people tell me which places to not visit due to crime activity, which is the most helpful of all to know.

4. Give your email and contact information to travel websites, so you can get notified when certain trips or tickets are on sale to get the best deal.

Certain travel sites will also notify you when the absolute cheapest price is coming available soon. You’ll usually get notified and know about a deal/sale before anyone else knows, which means you won’t have to get on a waiting list or anything of that nature.

What other ways can you save money on a trip?


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