Why You Need To Skip An All Inclusive Vacation

Why You Need To Skip An All Inclusive VacationBack in May, I published the article¬†Everything You Need To Know About An All Inclusive Vacation. I’ve been on a few all-inclusive vacations, and I think sometimes they are great, whereas other times you might want to skip the all inclusive vacation and do something different.

Don’t get me wrong, some of my most favorite vacations took place at an all inclusive resort, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have their downsides.

Of course, the below doesn’t apply to every single all inclusive resort out there. Some are really amazing and wonderful, and you always need to weigh your options and do your own research. Below are reasons for why you might want to think about skipping an all inclusive resort for your next vacation.

You don’t really get to experience the country that you are in.

If you are at an all inclusive resort, then the resort is usually not where you will see much of the local element. It is usually very Americanized and will cater to the States’ tastes.

You are less likely to leave your resort.

If you are paying for an all inclusive resort, then it can be very hard for you to leave your resort since everything is already paid for. This only makes sense, why would you pay for a meal elsewhere when it is already included in the rate that you have paid at your all inclusive resort?

Sometimes they are extremely expensive.

Some all inclusive resorts are a great value, whereas others can be a major vacation budget killer. You should weigh your options, because an all inclusive resort is not always the cheapest option.

Yes, it can be easier to only break out your wallet once or twice, but if you are spending thousands of dollars more than you would at a comparable resort (after you factor in food, activities, drinks, etc.), then it may not be worthwhile.

The food may not be that great.

All inclusives don’t always have the greatest food. This only makes sense – most of the time the food is made ahed in batches. If you are a big foodie like I am, then you should do your research.

There are many all inclusive resorts out there that have amazingly delicious food, but there are also many out there where the food is below average for the amount of money that you are paying.

Which do you prefer more? All-inclusive or not?


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